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Officials Confirm Prisoner Protest at Eden Detention Center

A report of a protest at Eden Detention Center has been confirmed by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) officials, reports San Angelo Live!


A CCA spokesperson said in a statement, "A group of inmates at the Eden Detention Center is refusing to leave the recreation yard and return to their housing units." This statement confirms previous reports San Angelo Live! received from various outlets, including a woman who called to say she is a sister of an inmate in the Eden Correctional Facility. She said that her brother told her that "pretty much the whole facility was protesting."


Personnel were seen entering the facility in full riot gear that evening around 10:10 p.m. An ambulance was also seen leaving Eden at approximately the same time. We will share

developments as they are released.


The Eden prison is one of the federal government’s segregated prisons for immigrants, or “Criminal Alien Requirement” (CAR) facilities. We’ve covered it since 2010, when a prisoner uprising caused a lockdown there.

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