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August 2011

CCA Holds 2011 Second Quarter Earnings Call, Company Pursuing 40,000 new beds

Earlier this month, the Corrections Corporation of America held it's second quarter earnings call.  These calls often give information about where the company expects new opportunities given the current climate on corrections.  They also remind us of the scope of the for-profit private prison industry.  Company officials reported they are actively pursuing nearly 40,000 new beds and new incremental opportunities that could be decided in the next year --estimating a possible $700 million in revenues.  

Given the current economic crisis and fiscal constraints that most state are facing, CCA reps reminded it's audience that not one of the states is appropriating money for new prisons.  In fact due to financial problems a few states -- including Texas -- have cut corrections costs and are planning to close prisons this year1.  

TCJS head Adan Muñoz criticizes speculative private jails in Texas Tribune interview

The Texas Tribune's Brandi Grissom sat down Texas Commission on Jails Standards chief Adan Muñoz for an interview covering jail overcrowding, privatization, and other aspects of Texas' enormous county jail system (Brandi Grissom, "Adan Muñoz: The TT Interview," August 3).  It's no wonder that Muñoz is one of our favorite Texas officials.  Here's his reponse to a question about privately operated jails:
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