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GEO Group subject of lawsuit in prisoner death at Central Texas Detention Center

The GEO Group and Warden James Copeland are the subject of a recent laws

uit after the December 29, 2011 death of Darrell Clayton Delany at company's Central Texas Detention Center in San Antonio.  

According to the petition (attached) filed in the 37th District Court, Delany suffered "suffered severe trauma, extreme physical injuries, extreme pain and suffering, and death" at the facility.  The suit further claims that his death was caused by "specific breaches of duty by defendants GEO, and Copeland, and as a result of direction given by GEO's corporate officers which include grossly inhuman treatment, abuse, neglect, illegal and malicious conditions of confinement, and subsequent cover up of wrongdoing."

We'll keep you posted on developments with this case.

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I hope they pay for what they have done to our family.

they have taken him away from all his kids!!!!!!!!! he didnt deserve that! no one does! my daughter hasnt seen her father since she was 4 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now she'll never be able to make the memories that she deserves with him!!!!!

Justice Will Finally Be Served For My wonderful Father. Whoever Did This... Your Gunna Pay. After 3 Years Were Finally Going To Trial. My Dad Didnt Kill Himslef and Were Finally Going To Prove That To All You Assholes Saying It Was Suicide.