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Yet Another GEO Group Lawsuit Filed Friday: Pearsall Detention Lockup

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The latest civil suit against GEO Group for mistreatment of a prisoner in Texas was filed Friday by attorneys for Miroslava Rodriguez-Grava, a legal permanent resident of Mexican descent who was held in GEO's Pearsall lockup, the South Texas Detention Center. The prison is about 45 minutes from downtown San Antonio in Frio County, and holds people who are awaiting their immigration status hearings or in some cases are awaiting deportation.

From the filing document: (I have changed the "Defendant" and "Plaintiff" references to make for easier reading).

Although aware that [Rodriguez-Grava] required special treatment and reasonable accommodations due to her mental disability, [GEO Group] failed to provide such treatment and accommodations.
[GEO Group] also failed to provide [Rodriguez-Grava] with her prescribed medication.

[GEO Group] also failed to provide adequate and regular psychiatric treatment to [Rodriguez-Grava].

As a result of [GEO Group's] failures to address [Rodriguez-Grava's] medical needs, [Rodriguez-Grava's ]physical and mental condition deteriorated requiring that she be placed in segregation and isolation.

Despite numerous requests for medical treatment and reasonable accommodations by [Rodriguez-Grava] and her immigration lawyer, [GEO Group] refused to remedy the situation. Instead, [GEO Group] retaliated by purposefully misdiagnosing her condition, denying her adequate treatment and reasonable accommodations, removing her crutches and stripping her naked and placing her in an isolation room.

During the course of [Rodriguez-Grava's] confinement at [GEO Group's] facility, [GEO Group's] agents ridiculed [Rodriguez-Grava] on a regular basis because of her disability. [GEO Group's] employees taunted [Rodriguez-Grava] by telling her she is not truly sick, that she is faking her illness, that she has no rights in the United States, and that she will soon be deported to Mexico.

The Pearsall lockup was built in 2005, originally by Corrections Services Corporation, which was later acquired by GEO Group. Although the company paid $40 million for construction of the prison on "donated" land, the original agreement locked the city of Pearsall into picking up the tab for utilities to the prison: water, sewer, and gas, along with a tax abatement. No word yet if the city will be on the hook for any payouts to settle civil suits... what seems to be a standard business expense in the private prison business.

More on this as we learn more.

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this concerns the geo facility in hobbs new mexico-pain medications are being taken away from inmates and being told if they need pain medication they will be transferred to las lunas new mexico.   their civil rights are being denied also-no acess to a law library or legal person to answer their questions-so what can be done-this is so wrong-