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GEO Group spend $360 million on acquisition of Community Education Centers

The GEO Group, one of the largest private prison companies in the US, has just brokered a deal to expand their brand even more. According to Reuters, the GEO Group spent $360 million dollars in an all-cash transaction to acquire Community Education Centers (CEC), another private prison company which also operates in Texas. The report states that GEO will integrate CEC into GEO Corrections & Detentions and GEO Care, which will give GEO Group an even stronger hold on private prisons here in Texas. The transaction is set to increase GEO Group's total annual revenues by approximately $250 million.

Facilities operated by Community Education Centers have faced multiple lawsuits and allegations of sexual abuse. Guards from the facilities have also been sentenced to jail for bribery and indicted for attempting to bring drugs into the facility.

While some may think that CEC being bought by GEO may lead to improvements in care & how facilities are run, it is highly unlikely. Facilities run by GEO Group have experienced prisoner escapes, inmates committing suicide, and have faced lawsuits for the mistreatment of prisoners. GEO Group was even indicted in the murder of one of their prisoners who was scheduled to be released four days before his death.

Some people may think that changing names or companies can improve a situation, but it doesn't help if the underlying issues of private prisons are not taken into account.


There's ALWAYS going to be issues, concern, and even at times people getting fired or arrested. Just because you dislike private prisons so much makes it so cute how you act like an entire company is so bad just because a few bad apples are a part of it. How about you make note of the countless MILLIONS of dollars GEO give to numerous foundations and good-causes? Or how about the .70 dividend that they gave stock holders? The over 20,000 employees GEO staffs? or how our medical insurance per-month cost is less than 50 bucks? Nah, you wouldn't do that; because then you would have an actual news-filled site with countless articles. Not this crap of a site you have now where you have a handful of articles a month.

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