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MTC sending mixed signals about pulling out of Limestone County Detention Center contract

The Limestone County Detention Center has had a rocky year.  In March, the Bureau of Prisons ended its contract with Community Education Centers to incarcerate immigrants in the 1,035-bed facility, leaving it empty.  In response, CEC left operations in Limestone County altogether.  County commissioners elected to replace CEC with Management and Training Corporation in May in return for "short-term guarantees" -- MTC will pay the county $62,500 a month to rent the buliding while it looks for contracts to fill it.

KWTX reported in June that MTC was "closing the center and pulling out" once all of the people incarcerated by ICE had been removed on July 15 and sent employees home with their final paychecks.  However, an email from MTC's communications director indicated that the contract is still in place and that the company is looking for new contracts to fill the beds.  It may not be good news for Limestone County that neighboring McLennan County just announced it was receiving a contract to detain 200 immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  

With the story changing so rapidly, we'll keep you posted on developments.