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Limestone County CEC facility loses federal contract

A Community Education Centers detention center in Limestone County has los

t its contract to incarcerate federal prisoners at the Limestone County Detention Center, according to a KWTX story ("Jail Employees Notified Jobs In Limbo Come May," March 21) today:

"Community Education Centers notified the county recently that the Bureau of Prisons will no longer fund the privatization contract between CEC and Limestone County.  CEC has been running the private jail which holds about 1,035 male inmates.

County Judge Daniel Burkeen told News 10, the county is working to confirm why the funding is cut.

Burkeen says he was told CEC sent out notices to 227 employees who work for the Limestone County Detention Facility that on May 31st, they will no longer be employed by CEC.  When the jail was run by the county before, about 160 people were employed at the detention center.

The County Judge said the county will plan to run the center like before, but, he wasn't sure on how many employees will be kept.  Burkeen says other options are being explored." 

There's no indiciation on why the contract has been cut, but we will continue to keep you posted.  

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