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LCS' Coastal Bend Detention Center fails TCJS inspection again

The Coastal Bend Detention Center, the flagship facility of private prison company LCS Corrections, has failed its Texas Commission on Jail Standards inspection yet again.  According to the TCJS report, which is attached to this post, the facility has a number of deficiencies including a jailer without a license, that staff were exceeding time intervals for direct supervision of prisoners under observation, and that:

"A review of shift rosters and attendance logs revealed that The Coastal Bend Detention Center consistently did not have a sufficient number of jailers assigned to inmate housing areas to meet the mandated 1 officer to 48 inmate's ratio and provide for direct inmate supervision." 

This is certainly not the first time that the facility has come under scrutiny.  Last year, a 27-year old man who was detained at the Coastal Bend Detention Center died from a brain tumor after going to the doctor for high blood pressure.  Earlier that year, the Coastal Bend Detention Center was found to have not known that the facility was supposed to report deaths of inmates while in custody.  The facility has also failed inspection before, most recently in 2010 after a prisoner was accidentally released.

Just yesterday, we reported on a wrongful death lawsuit filed against another LCS Corrections facility, the Brooks County Detention Center.  Clearly, it has not been a good run for the Louisiana-based company.  We'll keep you posted on developments.  In the meantime read more about LCS Corrections and the Coastal Bend Detention Center.


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There is an inmate by the name of candace linville she is having health issues high blood pressure she is a first time offender I am worried because she is telling her mother that she is not feeling well and the people who handle the medical for the inmates is not handling her case right the doctor just laughed at her day before yesturday which was Monday if she dies I will help the family file a law suit candace is a young lady with some health issues she has had an allergic reaction to some kind of cleaning fluid in the past 2 weeks and her personally has lupus and schrodrens disease now she has high blood pressure and the doctor just laughs at her is that why the last person died yes we understand they have done something wrong but they deserve to be treaty for health issues, animals at the vet are getting better care.  Please check into this