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Idaho Cancels Contract with GEO's Bill Clayton Prison

The Associated Press is reporting ("Idaho Ends Contract with GEO-run Texas Prison," Houston Chronicle, November 13), that the Idaho Department of Corrections has canceled its contract with the GEO-run Bill Clayton Detention Center in Littlefield, Texas.  According to the article,

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Department of Correction has terminated its contract with private prison company The GEO Group and will move the roughly 305 Idaho inmates currently housed at a GEO-run facility in Texas to a private prison in Oklahoma.

Idaho Department of Correction Director Brent Reinke notified GEO officials Thursday in a letter.

Reinke said the company's chronic understaffing at the Bill Clayton Detention Center in Littlefield, Texas, put Idaho offenders' safety at risk.

An Idaho Department of Correction audit at the facility found that guards routinely falsified reports to show they were checking on offenders regularly — even though they were sometimes away from their posts for hours at a time.

The Bill Clayton facility was also the facility where Idaho prisoner Randall McCullough committed suicide after being held in solitary confinement for more than a year on an administrative penalty after being involved in a fight.