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Guards at MTC's "Tent City" Accused of Immigrant Smuggling

We'll add this one to the "ain't that ironic" category. Four MTC "Tent City" detention center employees have been accused of smuggling undocumented workers using an MTC van. According to the story in the Valley Morning News:

The four, all employees of Utah-based Management Training Corp., are accused of involvement in transporting 28 illegal immigrants from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, federal officials said.

Garcia and Sanchez attempted to smuggle the 28 in a MTC company van and told authorities that they were prisoners from the detention center en route to San Antonio, federal officials said. Officials said the 28 were picked up at locations around Harlingen.

The four are accused of harboring and smuggling illegal immigrants in criminal information documents, but have not been indicted because their cases have not yet been presented to a grand jury, Herrera said.

As we're reported, the MTC prison known as "Tent City" is a series of windowless Kevlar pods holding two thousand immigrant detainees for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The facility has been home to plenty of controversy since its opening, with prayer vigils and protests held outside and maggots found in the food inside.

Despite the problems, the prison is set to expand by another 1,000 beds, at a cost of $50.1 million in revenue bonds floated by Willacy County, which is home to both the "Tent City" detention center and two other privatized correctional centers. The County is reportedly a staggering $8,700 in debt for every county resident due to prison expansion projects.

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