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Private Prison Scandal Latest Development at TYC

The latest scandals plaguing the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) uncovered in investigations by the Independent Ombudsman and the agency's facility audit report have once again surfaced the problems with private facilities in Texas.

The TYC audit report emphasizes that there were systemic problems in GEO managed facility because staff did not respect the integrity of audits and believed they could obtain another contract with another agency. The audit integrity was compromised because several of the quality insurance monitors employed by TYC previously worked for GEO.

These scandals emphasize the systemic problems that result in contracting out corrections.

Recent coverage of the TYC Coke County Scandal can be found below:

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  4. Fired TYC monitors had worked for facility's operator
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  6. TYC to move inmates out of troubled prison

We'll have updates on last Friday's private prison oversight hearings soon. Until then, followers of TYC news will want to check out House Corrections Committee hearings next week on the implementation of SB 103. Details are here:

COMMITTEE: Corrections
TIME & DATE: 10:00 AM, Wednesday, October 17, 2007
PLACE: E2.016
CHAIR: Rep. Jerry Madden