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Idaho Moving Prisoners Yet Again in GEO Group Shell Game

Idaho DOC has announced that they are pulling prisoners out of GEO Group's Dickens County Correctional Center and transferring them to a yet-to-be-announced GEO Group prison. This is the fourth move of these 125 prisoners since 2005, coming just a few months after a prisoner suicide and the resignation of the warden. Dickens County Correctional Center was in the news just last month following the conviction of a former guard for providing contraband. News reports don't say where the prisoners will be moved to, but there are plenty of GEO Group prisons to choose from --- GEO Group's website currently lists 19 prisons in Texas. 

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the dickens co prisoners are being moved to littlefield, the Bill Clayton Detention Center. they are converting classrooms to make room for them, much like Texas converts classroom money to prison money, if you know what I mean.