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Riot and Mysterious Deaths at GEO's Reeves County Detention Center

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Earlier this month a riot broke out at the Reeves County Detention Center. The GEO Group manages the west Texas prison through contracts with Reeves County and the Federal Bureau of Prisons; the facility has a 2,400-bed capacity.

During the riot, two recreational specialists, aged 57 and 60, were taken hostage. The center where the two worked was set on fire, and smoke could be scene from outside of the facility. The staffers were civilians and were not prison guards. The hostages were released at different times, but both were free by midnight the next morning. There has been no reporting to their condition during the incident. Initially, reports stated that there were no hostages although there obviously were:

NewsWest9 first reported there were hostages at the prison, but officials denied that before finally saying the information was true.

According to news reports, the riot may have been sparked by the death of one of the prisoners. The prisoners demanded better health care and food. Some of the prisoners also asked to speak with the Mexican Consulate; many of those incarcerated at the Reeves prison are undocumented immigrants.

The riot ended soon after it started and despite the hostages there were no other reports of violence from the facility. Additional news reports uncovered another death this month from the usual "natural causes." No additional information regarding these deaths or what may have led to them has been released publicly.

As usual with these incidents, GEO is being very secretive about what actually transpired. We will continue to monitor the news reports on the recent disturbances and mysterious deaths. As soon as we learn of anything new will be sure to let y'all know.

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The problem with Federal Prisons is that the prisoners are treated better than the guards. The prisoners are running the prisons. Prisoners should be treated like prisoners. Quick giving them everything the want. They are in prison for a reason. They would not have these problems if they would stop giving in to them. They don't get their way they riot. It makes me sick. They walk around the prison like they own it. They keep saying their rights are being violated. They should not have any right in the first place. Most of them are in the US illegally in the first place. I say send them back to Mexico. Let them take care of them. Here they get a free education, free medical, free food and they still complain. Did I get a free education and medical care. I think not. Wake up America.

anyone in this country can get medical attention, regardless of citizenship status, race, etc. except the inmates of this prison. how can this be right?

you have the dam nerves to say "let prisoners be treated like prisoners", B.S.!!!!!!! They are still human beings, and should be treated as such. How would you like it if you were a prisoner, (unless you're a white devil and have slim chances of being arrested.) and YOU were treated like an animal? Wait, hold up, animals aren't even treated like that when they are captured.... or unless your white devil, and have slim chances of being arrested.

These prisoners complain about health care and food. Why not just send them to their foreign country. If any of these inmates are from Mexico they need to remember that when serving time in a Mexican prison you don't get medical care or 3 meals a day. You don't have alot of the things that they get here. So stop complaining. Maybe all prison need to change. Make it a prison not a resort. Make chain gangs and have family members pay for their medical not hard working tax payers.

Some of the prisoners in these holding detention centers were citizens of the USA. Because of legal issues their citizenship has been taken away and therefore are at this facility. They paid taxes and worked just like you and me. Therefore do they deserve to get medical help and an education-----in my opinion---yes!!!! And believe me some of them do want to go back home to Mexico!!! Yet the law keeps them in these detention centers for a long time. Why? Because the USA is making money!!! Look into it!!

The detainees are not treated better than the guards. I speak from the experience of being a Correctional Officer and I get to go home at the end of my shift. We are trained to respect the "Rights" provided by our constitution to anyone detained in the U.S. and it doesn't matter what their nationality or citizenship may be. Medical treatment is one of those rights. The detainees certainly didn't help their cause by causing a riot (it only takes 7 to be a riot) but they're sure to get some attention from it. Probably all they really wanted. You did get a free public education. Obviously you were not paying attention in class.


I have a very close friend who is in jail not because he did something wrong but because the Judge didn't do his job.  Witnesses were threatened to be arrested even though they had nothing to do with what he was being charged with, illegal evidence was not surpressed after the Secret servic lied to the magistrate to get a search warrant.  Anyways in a nut shell guards steal from prisoners, from the commisary and if you speak up you get thrown in the hole. Food is substandard my friend told me yesterday lunch was a dry hamburger patty some slop that was supposed to be mashed potatoes and two slices of bread. Most of the men there go hungry because they have no money to buy something else.  If they want to eat more we have to order stuff through the commissary. the prison system is about making money they do not care about prisoners health or well being. there may be a few prisons that are okay but in general they are not a place that people are treated with any dignity. Regardless of the crime we are God's people and no matter what they have done they are still his children and those who abuse them will be held accountable maybe not here but a day of reckoning will happen and we will all have to explain our actions.

GUILTY! That's d verdict & all is said & done...right? I thought so! I have a cousin, more like a brother, detained at the Reeves County Prison. It gnaws at my soul every time I hear of riots and other mishaps going on there. You have urself a young man, U.S. resident (or at least while he remains here)...brought to this country at the age of 2...does not know Mexico,nor has family left over there....served in the U.S. Army....& happened to be in d wrong place at the wrong time! Furthermore, he will more than likely be deported back to his birthplace and continue to be a prisoner since it will be unchartered territory to him. Anyhow, I just got word that the inmates are still out in d yard today (02/02/09) since Saturday night (01/31/09)....this riot has more casualties than d one last month! May God be w/all of them....they all have families....may it be parents,children or spouses!

Are you trying to get sympathy for the felons who messed up their own home even though its temporary. You gotta be kidding me. I know the medical isn't the best in prison and I know the food isn't the best in prison but I do know the inmates make the food and the nurses are lied too a hundred times a day by inmates who think they are sick of fain sickness to get out of work for the day or who just want the nurses to look at their private parts because they get their jollies from it. The inmates in that prison get way more than they would at any other detention facility. I think they will find out it will be a little tougher now that they tore stuff up. they at least were getting three hots and a cot. Sendem all to Maricopa County. They will be sorry they ever came to america. Worthless, unappreciative idiots.

What an absolute mess...The reports the inmates are outside in the cool weather, they DESTROYED THEIR HOUSING UNITS..They are not receiving meals..THEY DESTROYED THE TWO CAFETERIAS (each cafeteria accommodated 500 at a time) they stole the food from kitchen. They stole all commissary items before the building was torched.. If an inmate arrives without a diploma they are required to attend classes to obtain a GED..once received, they hold a graduation ceremony with the trimmings, photo, cake and coffee..Man! Soccer tournaments, Pool tournaments, softball tournaments, Movies purchased or rented locally to be viewed once a week. These inmates are in prison for felony related charges. They are in prison, for multiple ilegal entry status. It goes to show you give,give,give and believe me someone will want MORE!!! ...RCDC 1 and 2 are not failing in medical care...what the families of the inmates DON'T KNOW is the medical guidelines allow an inmate to submit a request for medical treatment and the inmate is then placed on a schedule. This schedule is placed in all housing areas. It is the inmates responsibility to show for the appt. The community in Pecos will be financially hard hit due to this event. But please keep in mind, the community needs this prison and it looks as though the inmates won. 3 to 4 million in revenue to the city and its adjacent communities will be hard hit. I hope the ones responsible for the riot will somehow be held responsible.

Prisoners are prisoners have you or does anybody know the crimes that these felons commit it is not only illegal entry but most have prior convictions. I bet the inmates weren't thinking about the families lives that are affected by the actions and laws they break. The longer these convicts can be held accountable for their actions and be confined within the prison systems the safer the people are that do not commit crmes. Not everybody should be intitled equal treatment because when these criminals broke the laws do you think they were being fair to everybody that lives as abiding citizens in this country. So for those of you with family members or so called ove ones they should have never put themselves in the place that they are in now. I bet no body here lost any sleep over what happened to these inmates or really cares so be glad the situation was contianed and nobody escaped to harm the people that live close by. Let the people that run these prisons do their job and keep our communities safe. and if some criminal gets hurt oh well life goes on i know none of you will carry a grudge or remember this in a couple of months.

I do believe that being a foreing person in this country doesn't mean they should be treated like dirt. This is the country where even terrorist have rights and if this isn't truth lets talk about the man that helped the terrorist of 911. Wasn't there so much noise about him being treated fear? or wheater he was or not? If these people are causing so much trouble send them back to their country but even so they should be treated like people and do have the right to health care, better food and respect. Specially if we talk about the so called "natural dead" of inmates. And I do believe that Federal Officials should do something about this place and quickly. I really mean QUICKLY because there's been one more "natural dead" HAAA! I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes it that much harder to cope and deal with when even the visitors are being mistreated.