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New report exposes shocking abuse in Criminal Alien Requirement (CAR) facilities in Texas

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a report on the five "Criminal Alien Requirement" (CAR) facilities in Texas. According to the abbreviated report, 25,00 immigrant men are detained under CAR in thirteen detention centers throughout the country. In Texas, approximately 14,000 men are living in CAR prisons. The ACLU documented numerous cases of abuse, neglect, copious use of solitary confinement, and the separation of families. 

The incarceration of people in CAR facilities is due to mass incarceration, for-profit incarceration and the criminalization of migration. These three unnverving norms have all contributed to immigration detention. 

Over the next few days, we will examine the five CAR prisons in Texas that the ACLU included in its report: the Big Spring Correctional Center, Big Spring, TX; the Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility, Post, TX; the Reeves County Detention Center, centers 1 and 2 and 3, Pecos, TX; the Willacy County Correctional Center, Raymondville, TX; and the Eden Detention Center, Eden, TX. 


This scares me!! My husband was just transfered there. However my husband DOES NOT have a court order to be deported . So he shouldnt be there at all. He is a non violent offender. He was suppose to go to a camp! this is nothinh like a camp . If anyone can help me get him moved out of there please contact me!!

I greatly fear for my Husband who has just recently been transfer their last week sometime. He is not a gang member nor charged with any violent crime. But now not only do I have to worry about the other inmates but also the guards. I pray for him alot. He is being deported in about two years. And I believes its all wrong considering he will be leaving 3 children behind and other family members who all have great love toward him and show so much of missing you. You are a wonderful man and a great son and an awesome father. We all love you dearly. He was brought to USA when he was 14 now he just turned 28 in October. Over half his life he was raised and USA. These Guard better not hurt him because I am a United States Citizen and I will do with all my power and exersise all my rights to sue and make this Jail suffer. Ilegal Aliens do not deserved to be beaten. They are like one enother. Some with no violent crimes just a simple lousy no S.S card and they are sent to Crazy Prisons like this. I fear for you baby and hopefully soon you will be out and safe and away from this crazy facilty the goverment put you in. I knoÑw are family will be reunited sooner then you and  I could imagine it because God is by our side. Im so glad you believe that too..And you have a possitive attitude with life ... You have always been a strong man and these couple years will fly right buy and our family with be much more stronger then ever. I Love You Alot MI CHIKITO LINDO MAS ERMOSO N ESTE MUNDO::::: TU ya saves kien tu eres ¨ese mennsage lindo es pa ti nomas.  Nuestro Hijo kiere unos nuevo tacos por jugar futbol. He says hes going to play even better for his Daddy. TE AMO This news make me feel even more deppressed exspecailly nowing what can happen to him like it kills me. I wish all the inmates in the Federal Prison are taken properly care for. We all are equals and deserve better off that way. becaus even when your old elderly will soon settle down with the girl and  man will still be buy your side. i just wanted to make a smile on your face. Somtimes we feel so beat down that there is no time to party with me. My main goal is to save money up, and to go and take the kids to see their daddy who they deeply misses him. At least Ohio was closer I dont think the goverment understand the system its self N how much hurt it has brought to this family now I cant go and see him really because hes so far away like 25 hours . The only thing it is causing is for more needs to our inmates. Be strong fellow inmates and soon the ones who deserve to look back will look back and laught instead of being a stressed out moment an the worst time of our lives.   

Please Pray for all the inmates in these faciltys and all over the world.