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More Detention Nightmares: Maggots in the Food at MTC’s Raymondville Prison

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KGBT in Harlingen is reporting that internal documents from MTC’s Willacy County Detention Center show numerous documented cases that the facility has fed immigrant detainees rotten or contaminated food including food infested with maggots.

The report says the situation at the Raymondville detention center, which holds 2,000 undocumented immigrants in Kevlar domes and is scheduled for a 1,000 bed expansion, has become so bad that a detainee has attempted suicide.

Other problems include lack of sanitary supplies, little communication with the outside including legal assistance, and problems with the air conditioning and heating systems. According to the news report, “security guards say they can not believe what they see, they make reports and advise superiors but the situation is the same. Detainees are desperate and things may get out of hand.”

This is certainly not the first problem with private prisons seen in Raymondville. Read our previous coverage of the MTC Raymondville Detention Center:

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wish i could get some help in getting back int. the whole time that i was there. they did not want me talking to the inmates. and most of the time i thought it was bad. the guards were there just to collect a paycheck. instead of being there to help out the detianees. i really thought that it is unfair what is being done at the place. if u all could send me some information so that i can help out with what is going on at the place. cause it is an injustice what is being done at the place... 818

     See the only thing that stops me from being a full blooded american; is the fact that i was born in another country.    On October 24,th 2007 my life had changed in a drop of a dime , i became a detainee at willacy detention center. I did a 7 month saty there an d boy let me tell you it was on of the worse experiences i had ever had in my life. from sharing a dorm room tent filled with 50 inmates on each side of the tent . to having to shower in the same spot that other people are going to the bathroom right in front of your face, to poor meals , and even worse medical attention..and there's many more  horiffic tales but i'm just glad to be out of that place .....i hope they knock that place down for good


Hi Pablo, If you'd be willing to discuss your experiences at Willacy County Processing Center, I would be very happy to talk to you.  You can contact me using the Contact Form at 

Yo asi como dice Pablo pase por ese lugar ,y es terrorifico , lo deja a uno enfermo , comida arruinada , no a tiempo , sin poder asearse su fisico , maltrato berval , son unos nazis , parese un campo de concentracion como los de la Alemania nazi , eso es terrible , una vez nos tuvieron toda la noche sin dormir , solo porque unos compañeros jugaban con un centavo .