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Second Riot in 2 Months at GEO's Reeves County Detention Center Leaves Injuries, Significant Damage

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The second major riot in two months has left significant damage at the GEO Group's Reeves County Detention Center, according to a story by the Associated Press ("Company says Texas prison's damage 'significant,'" February 3),

The company that runs a federal prison in West Texas says "significant" damage from the second riot in less than two months has left the facility unable to resume normal operations.

The GEO Group Inc. said in a statement Tuesday that inmates in two of the Reeves County Detention Center's three units remain under staff view in a central area of the complex. The Boca Raton, Fla.-based company says inmates remain "cooperative and compliant" after a riot that started Saturday afternoon.

The company says there have been no serious injuries to staff or inmates.

However, CNN ("Texas riot quelled, inmates damage buildings" February 1) claims that there were at least three inmate hospitalizations, including an inmate with a severed fingers.  The prisoners are apparently protesting for better medical care, according to an AP video story with some dramatic footage ("Company Says Riot at Private Texas Prisons" February 2).  The December riot was based on similar problems with medical care, including the mysterious death of an inmate. 

Some reports from advocates monitoring the situation have indicated that man prisoners have been moved to the Emerald facility in Sierra Blanca.  In addition, the National Network for Immigrant Rights has posted a call to action to defend the rights of the immigrants held at the facility on their blog.

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its kind of crazy to hear stories that are so far apart in content. How do you have a riot that leaves the prison unable to function, did they rip the bars out of the walls?

NO hostages but yet the prisoners are in control of the prison. What's wrong with this picture?

I am a member of a correctional facility C.E.R.T. and yes, the detainees were in control, we arrived that night, it was a sunday, i believe, when it all kicked off. it didn't end until either friday or saturday.

but yea, it was pretty crazy, they were burning pretty much anything they could get their hands on, includeing buildings. one of the buildings which provided work for them was lit up, along with a small storage shed, and a small part of the main facility. there were teams from all over the region there holding the perimeter.

No one entered to try and take over, in my opinion, because if anything negative happened to the inmates, BOP would have probably pulled the inmates from the facility, then there would be nothing. There were all kinds of agencies there, BOP, US Marshalls, Sheriff, local enforcement, i believe there was some branch of the armed forces, state troppers, and then the C.E.R.T's from through out the region.

And for 5 days we stood there on the perimeter, watching them do as they pleased. Mind you, there were over 1200 inmates in an open rec area, so it would have been damn near impossible for anyone to take control (they had all kinds of weapons, law mower blades, various CERT equipment, ladders, poles... who knows what else.)

As far as i know of, there was only 1 inmate injured, and that was becasue he was a sex offender and the inmates tried to get him, so he jumped through the ravor-wire.

Was quite an experience... something i will never forget.