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Mineral Wells officials lobby to keep troubled and unneeded CCA prison open

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Officials in Mineral Wells are rallying to keep their town's troubl

ed Corrections Corporation of America prison open, according to a story today in the Mineral Wells Index ("Time for last-minute push to save CCA," April 24),

"With time running out before state legislators make a decision on its future, local leaders say now is the time to make the case for Corrections Corporation of America's Mineral Wells Pre-Parole Transfer Facility.

Mayor Mike Allen said there are still opportunities for city leaders and residents to speak out in favor of the facility, which provides more than 300 local jobs at full staff."

The article quotes an array of local officials clamoring to keep the facility open.  As we've reported, the Senate budget, which passed earlier this month, zeroes out funding for Mineral Wells and CCA's Dawson State Jail. The House budget would not only keep them open but would also allot $19.5 million for the purchase of the now-empty prison Jones County.  The fate of the prisons will now be determined by a conference committee, whose members were announced over the past few days.  

Powerful State Senator John Whitmire, a member of the Conference Committee, has argued that Mineral Wells should be closed, telling the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "We just simply don't need those beds.  We have 12,000 empty prison beds across the state that are owned by the state of Texas."

Another reason the facility has come under scrutiny is routine security and operational problems.  We've reported on many here at Texas Prison Bid'ness.  Here's a selection:

We'll keep you posted on developments related to the closure of Mineral Wells and Dawson.  


Isn't if funny how GOPigs want to cut taxes unless it affects their utopia?  I find it quite amusing when I hear them whining about having to pay for empty prisons.  I seem to recall GOPigs complaining about Ann Richards building prisons througout Texas.  Most of these newly-built prisons were built in locations where tumbleweeds are the most intelligent form of life.  But, Mineral Wells and Dallas?  Please, don't make me laugh.  I am sure that both locations would be able to survive.  For those in remote locations, I suggest you open a Church in the empty prison.  If the congregants fail to tithe, you can lock them up until they do. 

My husband works at CCA mineral wells. We try to not talk about his job simply because we are very afraid of wrongly sharing clasified information. I looked up on-line and learned of the possible closing.  I am disabled and need him to be working there just for my insurance, My meds cost over 4 thousand dollars a month. I do not know many of hi co-workers so I don't know how many of them might be going through the same thing.  All I ask is that you consider the situation before closing!

Let me get this straight... Texas needs to keep tax dollars directed at an unneeded, dangerous private prison with a huge history of human rights violations just so you can take 4,000 a month????? worth of medications?