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GEO Care's Reid halfway house having problems

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A report surfaced Tuesday about another escape from the Houston halfway house operated by The GEO Group's GEO Care division. According to the report, two inmates have escaped the facility in a little over a month.

The 39-year-old sex offender fled from the Beaumont Highway facility around 6:15 Monday night, according to the Department of Public Safety. He's considered armed and dangerous. And, like Arthur William Brown, the rapist who escaped in late December, he was able to remove his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet...

[Another inmate,] Anthony Ray Ferrell escaped from Reid and allegedly shot and killed a 24-year-old good samaritan who intervened in a gas station purse-snatching. Another rapist split the Reid facility a few weeks before Ferrell slipped out. (Craig Malisow, Houston Press Blogs, "Timothy Rosales Jr.: Yet Another Escapee from a Houston Halfway House," January 25, 2011).

The article doesn't detail strain on the county and/or municipal police department that could be exacerbated by the escape of prisoners. Community resources are going to be expended to find and re-capture people who escape. The cost of using local police efforts is a hidden cost not disclosed in the private prison company's proposals. 

The goals of GEO Care and The GEO Group in general lean towards rehabilitation. If the company seeks to rehabilitate mental issues including drug addiction, they must certainly have the basic ability to keep people around.  We will update you with any developments in this story in the future.

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But is it really their fault? Seeing that the facility is there to help out former convicts and trying to rehabilitate their lives, they are just trying to good. It could be that the prison facilities that inmates are in prior are letting them out before they are ready to be, if at all. Maybe they should be more selective on who they let into the house/program.

of course it's GEO's fault that a prisoner escaped from one of their facilities. What the heck kind of question is that? And, Maggie and Andrew, while I'm certain there are some nice folks working at the facility, and that some of those folks may even want to who do good, GEO Care isn't managing the facility because they're do-gooders. So, I take issue with the assertion that the facility is there to help people, as Maggie said, or that the "The goals of GEO Care and The GEO Group in general lean towards rehabilitation."

They're in it for the money. They want to house as many warm bodies as cheaply possible. That's the whole idea behind the private prison racket