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Third escape from GEO's Reid Correctional Center

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he GEO Group's Ben A. Reid Community Correctional Facility in Houston was home to the third escape in two years, according to a report on the Houston Free Press ("Anthony Ray Ferrell, The Good Samaritan Killer: Third Escapee From His Halfway House In 20 Months," November 16).

The man charged with killing a Good Samaritan during a purse-snatching is the third person to escape the same state-contracted halfway house in the last 20 months. Anthony Ray Ferrell had fled a "halfway house in the 10900 block of Beaumont Highway" in October, according to the Houston Chronicle. The home in that block is the Ben A. Reid Community Correctional Facility, from which sex offender Bruce McCain escaped in October 2010 and Richard Williamson Griffin Jr. escaped in February 2009. (McCain was arrested in the Rio Grande Valley three weeks after his escape).

The home was operated by private prison group Cornell Companies, which was bought by its main competitor, the Florida-based GEO Group, last April.  The facility "provides temporary housing, monitoring and transitional services for 500 minimum-security adult male offenders," according to Cornell Companies literature. Its "security measures include 24-hour custodial supervision, 12-foot perimiter fence, outdoor lighting, close circuit cameras, secure entrances and frequent census checks."

Cornell Companies/GEO also operate Houston's Leidel Comprehensive Sanctions Center. In 2005, before GEO bought Cornell, a Leidel resident who got a day-pass for church and never bothered to return; he fled to Fort Worth, where he killed three men.

Ferrell is accused of murdering Sam Irick at a Meyerland convenience store last week. Irick tried to intervene as Ferrell allegedly was robbing a customer.

It's entirely unclear to me why a recently arrested capital murder suspect was being held at a privately operated "half-way house" in Harris County.  We'll keep you posted on any details as they emerge.


Ben Reid is not a halfway house.  It is more of an one sixteenth house.  The facility, in order to get paid by TDCJ, promotes itself as a transition house and a lock up for court ordered lock up of dangerous sex offenders.  They are trying to be too many things to too many people.  It will always be dangerous if it continues this path.  They need to decide whether they want to a lock up facility or a transitional place for people being released from TDCJ.  TDCJ is sending men to this facility who have non-violent offenses as well as those who do.  There needs to be a better system in place here.

your exactly right i was there they have to many different kinds of offenders there and if you check how many people there have jobs it might be 10 people out of 500 not good percentages they need to figure out what they really want to be because that place dont work as is i was there for a year and a half and could not find a job because of the stipulations put on me plus they do not try to help you they are just like a prison.



ben reid is a joke. i worked there for 2 long years and the security is a piece of shit. as a metter of fact what security because the feamle security guards were having sex with the inmates, they would pick the inmates up and all kinds of shit i left there just in time because a girl that got hired with me almost got raped in the building 1 restroom next to the control room, so what do you have to say about there security now. 

Ben reid please I use to work graveyard just me and another female staff in block 6 i think it was that had all the open bunks will anyways i was there right around the time McCain had escaped he had went on a medical run and never returned. We had no security back then female staff were the security we had two captains at the time that were working there that were males but instead of checking on us staff they would go check on the punks cuz they were to busy fucking with the punks taking them out to the brake room,wash room etc weight room you name it they upper managers where the ones fucking the clients there. there were times we had crisis with clients fighting and me and another female been assigned alone to work with 300 males we never held it down cuz teh males always wanetd to take control even after knowing the captains were punks fuckin punks. that place was full of drugs they had everything you could get your hands across to family memebers use to throw shit over the gates where the phones were clients would sneak out saying they going for a smoke brake or go check on there clothes but really they stepping out to get there package from the gates clients went from building to building fucking eachother tattooing etc, ben reid is a hot mess and is unsafe to work and to top it off they wanna only pay 8/9 an hour come on now shit then they wonder y staff bringing or selling drugs there shit cuz the money better from what the client is paying then wtf ben reid paying....


Does anyone know about the present status at this facility?