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Grits Explores which Private Prison Contracts could be Terminated

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Our pal Scott at Grits for Breakfast, posted a list of private prison contract term obligations earlier this month.  Grits post was further exploration of a story we posted a few weeks ago regarding the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDC) looking to terminate private prison contracts.  Scott adds this analysis:

A couple of notable contracts stand out as potential candidates for cuts. For starters, the Mineral Wells facility was the one unit state Senate Criminal Justice Committee Chairman John Whitmire is interested in closing, and for security reasons, not because of the budget. The contract for that troubled facility ends conveniently around a month after the next legislative session starts, meaning there's a lot of time for budget pressures to build between now and then. What's more, the Board of Pardons and Parole hasn't really been using the Mineral Wells facility the way it was intended, so there's no special reason to keep it opened compared to, say, Intermediate Sanctions Facilities on the list.

Equally interesting to me is the fact that the Dawson State Jail's contract with Corrections Corporation of America is up for renewal next January. This ill-placed facility is located in downtown Dallas on the banks of the Trinity River in prime real estate the city hopes to redevelop. So the fact that Dawson's contract ends on January 15, 2011 is a significant date for the city of Dallas: If the state renews the contract, the proposed riverfront redevelopment could be put on hold indefinitely. It's possible, then, we may see members of the Dallas delegation and related development interests pushing for non-renewal, though certainly CCA will have its own lobbyists on the other side.

Hopefully, lawmakers will continue to consider the possibility of terminating contracts as they figure out what to do with unused prison beds.


We all want to know if dawson state jail is closing. And what will happen to the inmates.

There is no official word on which, if any, facilities will be closed.  TDCJ recommended not closing any prisons, but instead making deep cuts in labor costs.   The final determination will be made during the legislative session next spring.  I suggest you contact your state representative and senator if you have an opinion on the matter.

My daughter is being held at this faculity and all I really want is for the people that find themselves in these jails and prisons to be treated like a human being deserves. If you gonna lock them up then make sure they have stuff to stay clean with even if they have no family to send them money. I know I can not send my girl money because I am disabled and am fighting for my social sercurity my other children are helping pay my bills. I do want my girl to get 2 for 1 and come home to me and her four children that live with me. : (

Hi Jane,

Please contact me if you have any information about the Dawson State Jail.  We would love to hear what your thoughts on the facility are.  Best,

Bob at TPB

I couldn't agree more. Where is the human decency in these people at time.

i would like to know if they are going to move the people that are state jail inmates to some other place?