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Prisoner injured at CCA's Mineral Wells facility

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A prisoner was hospitalized after injuries sustained during an assault last week at the Corrections Corporation of America pre-parole transfer facility in Mineral Wells, according to the Mineral Wells Index ("Prisoner injured in disturbance at CCA facility," May 1),

A prisoner was reported transported Wednesday evening to Palo Pinto General Hospital from the Corrections Corporation of America pre-parole transfer facility with serious injuries, according to the Mineral Wells Fire Department and EMS.

According to a statement released late Thursday by CCA, “at approximately 4:45 p.m. … an inmate was found in the first-floor dayroom of housing unit 756 with injuries consistent with having been assaulted.”

According to statements by the dispatcher at the time, the caller stated that there was “blood everywhere.” Police also responded to the call but cleared within 15 minutes after speaking with a guard about the problem.

CCA's Mineral Wells facility has been home to numerous reports of disturbances, a rash of smuggling incidents, and was the subject of a three-part series here at Texas Prison Bid'ness by Nick Hudson (see part 1, part 2, and part 3).  It's also been the facility which has consistently generated heated comments from readers of this blog - both against the facility and in defense of it.  

Mineral Wells is currently debating whether to build a second private detention facility - this time an immigrant detention center proposed by Emerald Companies.  That proposal has been defeated once by local opponents, but Emerald is looking at other sites in the area.  Folks in Mineral Wells don't have far to look to see some of the potential downsides of private prisons.

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I just wanted to know why comments by people who were there are ignored or posted then taken down. Are you interested in the truth or just what conforms?

this place is horribble!!! they do not have enough gaurds for this place and the gaurds there are crooked, they are making money on cigerette purchases and letting convicts smoke in front of them and with them they see a fight they turn there heads an let them fight it out they do not wnt to get involved this place was a nightmare to me its worse than tdc itsself  yes you may get to call home and have a little more priveleges such as wearing free world clothes , and a little more freedom some of the convicts there dont belong there there are child molesters  and  armed robbery people there it should be a minium sec. prison not for these kinda people i was there for dwi , im telling you yhis place needs to be looked in to there are gangs there and if you are not in one you really dont have a chance there are people that are gonna be there for 5 years or more it should be for the people that are ready to go home withen one year or so not 5 to 10 its a pre parole facility not prison where it dosent matter to those who got ten years or more and tro end my story the people who dont get commissary they are under nurished they do not feed them well i believe the health dept needsds  to look into to there food handeling services , and there medical department sucks i had a major toothache that i needed  an extraction and they would not help me at all thank god i was only there for 6 months an was paroled but its a nightmare !!!  also i seen gaurds with a cigerette drop at night get the cigs from over the fence an hand it to a prisoner threw th window an there is cell phones all in this place for this transactoin to take place think about itpeople this is a harvest ground of crimanal activites i seen a guy get totally beat down by 6 inmates and two gaurds didnt do nothing they are getting payed off some way or another i have seen it with my own eyes two gaurds for 600 peopl per building that  that is three storys high and the prisoners roam from room to room doing cocaine ,herion tatoing and every thing else                                                           

This place is so so disorganized. It takes the guards 2-3 hours to do count.sometimes as long as 5 hours! There were a few times were I've waited for over 2 1/2 hours in visitation just because of count. They always say the same thing.. there having problem with count or there doing re count. It also affects the ones that need to take any classes to make parole since they dont give you the hours that you missed due to head count. It makes the parole process longer due to the fact thats it taking them longer to complete the class. They are also full of shit.Other times were I've waiting for along time and when I ask my husband what took him so long he tells me that the guard just notified him! So I waited 1-2 hours on him and the guards didnt tell him nothing because they just take off for lunch or on break. And yes they are under fed and give the inmates worse food then TDC and the portions are smaller too. If you go back for seconds you catch a case. And yes there are fights there on a daily LEAST 3 times a day and its true that the guards DONT break up the fight. My husband seen some one get jumped by 10 inmates and had both his arms brokenand had to be air lifted out the facility. Everytime you go visit your loved one you will always see another inmate with a split brow or black eye. Yes it is true about the drugs and cells phones in the facility. They are everywhere. At one point there was an inmate who had a gun there too. I also seen some discusting things during my visit. For one there are always going to a swarm of flies everywhere. Only the people sitting in the room are privilged to get the fly swatter. Other things were a woman was actually giving the inmate oral sex in front of everybody during visitation!! They did NOT terminate the visit, but just let him know not to do that anymore.He did get his ass beat afterwards for doing that in front of children, parents, and grandparents. Just a couple of weeks ago they cought another woman giving a inmate a hand job. This place is poorly run and needs to be shut down!! I dont know if we need to contact the ag or start going to the media to put this place on the spot, but either way they need to shut the doors for good.

I worked there and some of these things are not true and some are... as far as visit there have been plenty of times where i was told this inmate needs to go to visit so i would be looking for him and having other inmates look for him and finally when they are found you tell them, then they want to take a shower and brush there teeth ive seen inmate who made they family wait forever because they said well they can all this way they will wait. this one guy said f her if she wants to see me she will wait till i get there. yes the food sux and so do the medical personnel. they do however treat the inmates better than the workers ill continue this later