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Another Attempted Drug Smuggling Incident at CCA's Mineral Wells Unit

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For the second time in a month, a youth has been caught attempting to smuggle drugs into Correction's Corporation of America's Mineral Wells facility, according to a story in the Mineral Wells Index ("Teen Caught Trying to Toss Contraband Into Prison Yard," September 17).

Mineral Wells police were summoned to the Corrections Corporation of America facility early Monday morning after a juvenile was discovered attempting to throw a duffel bag over the fence, officials reported.

According to police officials, they were dispatched at 2:23 a.m. to the pre-parole facility in the 700 block of Heintzelman Road where CCA guards had a 15-year-old boy detained.

The juvenile was reportedly attempting to throw a black duffel bag over the facility's north fence. Inside the bag, police said, were 200 packs of Bugler cigarettes, three bottles of cologne, four cigarette lighters and eight prepaid cell phones. Police officials said some of the devices had phone numbers already programmed in.

The youth allegedly told authorities someone from Houston paid him $1,000 to throw the bag across the fence; despite his reported attempts, he said the bag was too heavy.

Upon the guards' arrival, a woman driving a gray vehicle allegedly left the scene and law enforcement issued a bulletin on the vehicle. The driver was later stopped by the Parker County Sheriff's Office on a traffic stop and identified as a Houston resident. She was then released, police reported.

The juvenile was taken to the Mineral Wells police station where his mother was contacted at a motel in Weatherford, according to officials. The teenager was released and CCA kept the duffel bag “for their evidence,” police reported.

This is the second incident in recent weeks where a juvenile was found allegedly attempting to throw items over the facility's fence.

CCA's Mineral Wells facility has developed quite the reputation, and Grassroots Leadership is currently examining Open Records documents obtained about incidents at the facility. It also appears that our posts about the facility seem to generate more reader comments than posts on other facilities . See our previous coverage of incidents at the facility:

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In addition to all the other scandals CCA is only providing 30 actual minutes on a 3 hour course. Naturally, we the tax payers are paying CCA for 3 hour classes and the in-mates are only getting 30 minutes of "rehabilitation". This is just one of many examples that can be given. I'm actually surprised they caught the 15 y/o? There are enough cell phones, drugs, etc for the whole state of Texas in Mineral Wells, CCA. This is my opinion based on information from inside personnel.

I don't understand your comment. 30 actual minutes on a 3 hour course? You're saying that they are only getting 30 minutes of rehabilitation (which would include what?) when in fact they should be getting 180? Correct me if I'm wrong, but surely this would be bigger news. What constitutes rehabilitative classes? Learning that doing drugs, etc., is bad? They've been told this, I hope, by parents. If they don't listen to their parents, why would they listen to these evil rehab teachers? But, since you offered, could you give more examples? I've been looking into this, and it is the case that the taxpayers are paying for these classes. From what I gather, taxpayers pay the federal government, money is sent to the states, the states divide it interdepartmentally, TDCJ gets x amount of dollars per inmate per day, and TDCJ pays CCA to take the inmate off of their roster - and the person I spoke with couldn't give exact figures, but I'm sure the enterprising researchers on this site, or your personnel inside could tell you, but I think the figures are roughly 50+ dollars per day per inmate for TDCJ, and 30+ dollars per day per inmate for CCA. I think you're expecting too much from people, not just inmates, when you expect them to learn or rehabituate their way of living by having to go to a class and being taught by someone they don't know or necessarily respect. A good person begins at home. Perhaps that 15 year old was making an investment in his future. Stash the stuff now so that later he can get it when he himself winds up in prison because his parents haven't told him that such behavior is wrong and shameful.

my son is also there at mwppt. what a nightmare, the guards take food from the prisoners, and from what i understand they take favors.... my son is in re-veiw for another charge against him from the facility. they moved him into a new room and three days later found cell phones in the wall closet to his bunk, of course they are saying he is guilty. what i don't understand is how he could break the wall patch it up and hide all the cell phones in this amount of time? and please don't send them clothes because the women who distribute the clothes have a re-sale shop and take most of the clothes to their shop. please help us get our loved ones out of there!!!!!!!

What kind of favors? Are you saying that there are corrupt people in a prison? Not just the inmates? Of course that is going to happen! I'm not saying it's good. The offending officers should be jailed just as the other inmates... but why the surprise? Let us hope together that CCA staff catches such dishonorable conduct and punishes it accordingly. One can't say it's an honest mistake to accidentally have sexual relations (if that's what you meant) or get paid off to treat certain inmates differently (if that's what you meant). I'm pretty sure the CCA in Mineral Wells provides the uniforms now, so it's a moot point to send them clothes. Additionally, perhaps you should launch an investigation into this resale shop. That has got to be the silliest thing I've heard this week! But, I'm not saying it's not possible, just insanely improbable. Far be it from me to cast or even seem to attempt to cast doubt on your loved one reporting these facts to you, but you really must remember, these are inmates in a prison who went to prison for breaking the public trust. The public trusts it's citizenry not to break the law. Could it be that he is not telling you the truth, the whole truth, or perhaps something false in addition to the truth? Sarcasm aside, and in all heartfelt honesty: Everyone makes mistakes, many times people will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but at least your loved ones aren't dead. The people who drive while intoxicated risk innocent lives every time they drive. Drug users subject their families to worry, misery, and heartache, often losing the trust and even the love of those at one time closest to them. Drug dealers deal in misery and pain and inflict it on countless others. They (may) see it as providing a service to a willing customer, but those "willing" customers most times cannot really help themselves. With the popular example of pot aside, I have seen mothers do terrible things to their children for money so that they could buy meth. It is absolutely just if a man selling even a tiny amount of such a drug be sent to prison for as long as the law allows. Users are a different story. They will go through a certain kind of hell not being allowed their diversions, but if all these reports are true, and drugs etc. are getting in, then it is defeating the purpose of punishment. I don't understand why anyone would want to legalize these things. Pot is particularly nasty on families because it drives an insidious wedge between parents and children. I say insidious because it is hard to see. Imagine someone being a loving parent, working very hard all week to pay the bills and take their kid to dinner Friday night. Now imagine that same parent using a little of his money to buy just 20 bucks worth to relax on Saturday. Our culture is so selfish that we don't see a problem with that, but looking at the effects of pot, is it likely that after smoking this the parent will want to play with the kid, take the kid out somewhere, or be able to interact with the kid and give anything resembling full attention or memory to what the kid says? It's the little things that can ruin a childhood. Being a parent isn't a job for someone who wants weekends off or "me time". Your parenting will shape how your child turns out - you don't have to be a super parent, just an actively involved parent that devotes their whole life to raising and educating their child. Pot keeps you from doing that. Breaking the law and risking incarceration keeps you from doing that. I'd like to ask the inmates how they feel about missing defining moments in their child's life. What would they say?

TPB mislead readers last time

and now TPB is misleading readers again.

In both this instance, and that instance your site implies that these contraband interdiction events are negative reflections on Miserable Wells. You need to be fair if you want to be credible. At least this time you quote enough of the Index story to reveal the facts: Miserable's officers caught someone before the contraband entered the facility and cooperated with law enforcement to resolve it.

Looks like law enforcement and the officials at the detention center were at the top of their game on this one. The point here is that the contraband was snagged BEFORE it made its way into the facility. Yet you're trying to make it sound like this is an example of how CCA and private prisons are complete screw ups. I think only someone who has their mind set in that line of thinking will see it that way.

. Miserable Wells. Hello, you got the name right. Thanks

What measures do you take on drugtesting EVERY staff on the premises on a regular basis?

this is my first time here today an from what i read yes there seems to be some confusion but the best way to handel all of this is to simpely pray, that is one of the greatest tools god gave to us and the more we pray that gods intervention. meaning throuth prayer when god interven his presence is there and i also have a loved one there but i know god is watching over him for the bible says that god is our watch tower our present help in time of need the lord said in his word draw near to me and i will draw near to you seek me and you will find me ask of anything in my name(jesus) and it shall be given to you if you belive. DO YOU BELIVE then pray that god will bring change to cca and protection over our loved ones godbless us all and keep us all

i believe these teens and young adults need prayer the need the touch of the hand of the almighty god not correction the need people like us who know about faith and hope becouse no matter what thy have done yes thy will answer to there faults but we will too in the mean time we need to pray over them that the change will come from the inside out they are trapped inside spirtiually and gods desire is that none of us parish but that we all have eternal life. lets also pray over the moms who pour out ther hearts at night when they cry out to there loved ones, god give them strength lets pray for hope and faith over gods creation and and that they will turn to god so in do seasone god will lift them up and they will look back at what they accomplished godbless us and keep us all

i am currently a correctional officer in a cca facility. yes there are dishonest or dirty staff members i can tell you for a fact that at the facility i am now at takes criminal activity by staff very serious. i cant tell you how many i have seen get walked off the unit or chrged with a crime because he or she decided to make a fewfast bucks. i can also tell everyone that i am not one of them i take my job very serious in every aspect. i have no problems turning another co-worker in for their illegal activity or violation of an offenders right. so before anyone gets on a high horse and start complaining about officers just because their loved ones tell you some lies get your facts straight and stop thinking all correctional officers are bad because. NOT ALL OF US ARE AND WE REALLY DO OUR BEST TO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR RELATIVES IN LOCK-UP.