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Teen Uses Football to Smuggle Contraband into CCA Prison

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This story should be added to the always growing list of private prison scandals, Mineral Wells Index ("Teen Caught with pot near prison" August 25, 2008):

A 14-year-old male was taken into custody late Thursday night near the Corrections Corporation of America facility after they were notified of a “suspicious person” in the 700 block of Heintzelman Road.

According to police reports the youth attempted to send two footballs stuffed with marijuana and cell phones.

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I find it hard to believe the way this story is being reported on your site. How is this a scandal? Read the newspaper article that you linked. Private Prison Employees saw the suspicious person and did there job. Whether state or private prisons, people try to introduce contraband into facilities daily. I know you don't claim to be a news site but your information that you are trying to share with the world would be a little more credible if you would report facts as apposed to inner disdain.

I don't find it hard to believe. Do you have a loved one in Mineral Wells, PPT-CCA. Everythig is smuggled in cell phones, drugs, knives, etc. you name it. It gets in. MY QUESTION, WHERE IS THE OWNER OF THIS FACILITY AND WHERE IS THE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE? Has that been abolished as well? Just my opinion. I know how this facility operates. I have the inside scoop. Thank you.

It is really beneath the standards of this site to characterize this as a "private prison scandal." You link to a source story in the Mineral Wells Index, which says "According to Mineral Wells police reports, officers encountered two CCA personnel at approximately 11:36 p.m. who’d detained the youth in the 700 block of Hood Road. The juvenile was reportedly found in possession of two footballs that were cut and stuffed with contraband." So this appears to be a story about a successful contraband interdiction. Even the headline, "Teen caught with pot near prison," which YOU QUOTE, implies the same thing. I'm all for piling on, but this is either sloppy or very dishonest. Or do you have other information which suggests that the private prison officers did anything other than what sounds like A GOOD JOB?

For those of us that rely on this site for information, we need feel good that what is being presented is accurate. This info., as best I can tell from the article link you post, actually shows that this private prison's security measures worked. That's hardly another "scandal" for the private prisons. This site and the mission it represents gets diminished when those that it informs are mislead in this manner. Please don't insult our intelligence like that or waste our time and efforts. Is anyone moderating what gets put up here?