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Feeling the Heat, Corrections Corp. Launches "The CCA 360" to Respond to Critics

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Corrections Corporation of America has launched The CCA a website for the corporation to respond to critics. You'd think that a leading corporation in a billion dollar industry such as private prisons would be able to come up with something more catchy than "The CCA 360" for a website, but apparently not. The website is a response to ongoing criticism of the private prison industry generally and CCA's operations more specifically. According to a front-page post by CEO John Ferguson:

For people seeking the unfiltered, full 360-degree view of CCA, we have created this Web site - This site provides greater detail about news coverage of CCA, including the publicized tragic death of an inmate in a CCA facility, and viewpoints we’ve shared with our customers and employees.

The website apparently was developted to take on criticism of the company's operations by non-governmental organizations and activists though Texas Prison Bid'ness has not yet made the company's hit-list! Our friend Alex Friedmann, the former CCA prisoner whose efforts seem to have de-railed the federal judicial nomination of former CCA chief counsel Gus Puryear has. The website also addresses critics of CCA's T. Don Hutto family detention center claiming, as ICE has in the past, that improvements at Hutto had nothing to do with public protests, a litigation settlement, or widespread media scrutiny.

As soon as CCA was selected to assist ICE with this pressing need, ICE and CCA began working together to renovate the facility to meet the needs of its new population. While extensive media coverage has implied that reforms were the result of litigation, ICE maintained a deliberate and systematic program for the development of the Hutto facility throughout the period of the contract. That contract and that development process are still ongoing.

I'm not sure that I believe that, seeing as none of the improvements to Hutto were apparently made before the facility was condemned in a series of protests and news articles starting in December 2006. Regardless, this new CCA website should give private prison opponents an interesting look into the company's public relations machine.

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Another near Riot at Mineral Wells suposed to be "Pre-Parole Release Transfer Facility". Their DWI class consist of..........what where they called VHS tapes or something? A screw-driver went missing and they went on yet another mini-lock down. The screw-driver was magically found in a trash can. WAKE UP PEOPLE, IT COULD BE YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN NEXT. It makes me sick to know, MY tax dollars, not even thinking about my family's veteran's record and tax dollars are going to this facility. The food is sparse if you can eat it at all. STAPH infcetions rampant without proper medical care. From what I read on prison talk online, Guards smuggling in drugs and I dare to think of what else. The violent in-mates are placed amongst young offenders, mainly DWI who need rehab not prison. If you don't play the illegitimate game of the guards you get a bogus write-up, from what I'm told. Where is the founder, drinking his morning coffee. God help us all if the country does not and cannot see what is going on. God will be his judge. PLEASE CCA owner why don't you make a trip to Mineral Wells and eat your own food for one month. Oh, let us weigh you when you go in and come out. There are some wise and older CO'S, I'm sure placed there by the hand of God. But most, I'm told, are on a power trip, as pay is low. Please go to Prison talk online and read the stories, especially CCA section MINERAL WELLS. I know they got themselves there, some, but even dogs are treated better in this great USA of ours. God bless this country and the in-mates. Pray for humane treatment, as one of your family members could very well be next. One out of ten families has one of their own in the prison systerm. Oh is there a BPP, didn't know that. My nephew got denied in March 2008 and got his paper today, no explainatation. Mandatory, Discrentionary what is that??? If someone knows please post and explain this to me.