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Senate Criminal Justice Committee Charged with Studying Private Prisons During Interim

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Private prison effectiveness and cost-savings will be amongst the items the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice will study before the 81st Session. According to the committee charges, available in their entirety here, the committee will

Determine how private prisons are complying with state laws and how cost, safety, living conditions and rehabilitative services at private prisons compare with state-run facilities. Include an assessment of the staff turnover rates and compensation of private contractors when compared with state-operated facilities, and of the contract bidding processes used by the Texas Youth Commission and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

We'll have a more detailed post in the coming days, including a look at the Criminal Justice interim charges, and some suggestions for the commitee. I'm also sure that others in the blogosphere, including Grits for Breakfast, will weigh in the coming days.


#1 "grandfather" prisoners sentenced under guidelines prior to 1992 for parole Note: Juries were asked for long sentences due to "short turn around for parole" 1000's could be released (example 50 years for date rape inmate 561071)

Reform sentencing to be in line with national statistics, reform parole board (or start over) statement "nature of crime" explained in denial of parole, rehabilitate not house prisoners.

Commutation and appeals are NOT working no one is commucated Governor should be given authority.

Judges, Police, Prosecuters should be trained to solve crime at lowest level possible (family punshes offender) instead of head hunting for convictions. Hang-m-high attitude needs modifying to rehabilitate in minor crime areas.

Many prisoners are dissabled to the point they are little danger to society. Many are from out of state ... early release would significantly impact Med Budget.

Many Families would pay for their relatives release under Medical care (or as a minimum care for themselves) let those who are basically dissabled GO.

Federal laws (Social Security Insurance) and Medicaid should be considered in parole or commutation consideration.

Governor should have authority in this area (the Civil War is over give the Governor POWER) the prisons are practically autominous entities reign them in commit them to loereing their budgets