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Caldwell County Officially Rejects Private Detention Center

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Via a reader, and confirmed by an article in the San Marcos Record, Caldwell County voted on January 16 to officially reject a private immigrant detention center proposed by Louisiana-based Emerald Corrections. As we've reported, the facility was the topic of a heated town meeting where 150 opponents asked an Emerald prison developer tough questions about the facility and held an informal vote against the prison. From the Record article:

(Commissioner Joe) Roland said initially, the proposal “seemed like an opportunity” that could bring much-needed jobs. He said there was also “a lot of misunderstanding” surrounding the proposal and that the people housed at the facility would not have been hardened criminals, just people who broke the law on a misguided path to a better life.

He said the community meeting was “something I did on my own to find out, to get the pulse of the community.

Public opposition would have been only the first hurdle for the project; commissioners would also have had to figure out how to supply the facility with the estimated 80,000 gallons of water it would need every day.

Our previous coverage of the Caldwell County detention center fight:

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To Whom This May Concern,

My brother was moved to Greyson, La.  Caldwell facility in 2007.  He was moved there from Houston, Tx. Harris County Jail.  The last I remember of him before he went to Caldwell , he was the same little brother I had known all my life.  When he came home from the Caldwell facility, in Greyson, LA., he was a totally different person.

He believes something happened to him out there.  He now believes there are transmitters in his head telling him things to scare him. These voices in his head makes him believe he, and his only son are being tampered with, they also come in many different voices, and all times of the day and night. 

I am SOLELY  ANGERED  by the change I seen in him when he came home from this place.  For the past year, I have been trying to find some kind of sources to give me an idea of what's going on at this facility, but there isn't much information to go on about this place.  Are they running some kind of private jail where they can do whatever they want to the imates?  I have done time myself. Actually prison time, and nothing like this happened to myself or anyone I know that had been imprisioned.  Is Caldwell doing things to the imates that no one knows about?  Why is there no information?  Why has my brother changed for the worse since he was locked up there? 
I want answers, and I WILL GET THEM BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY....  I'm sure we all love our loved ones, and you know them better than anyone in the world.  Change of any kind will be noticed by those close to you.  Our family is very close and will absolutely recognize any change within eachother.  I want answers... And How can I obtain not just medical records, but everything I can get.??