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GEO Group Attorney Says It's 'Reasonable to Expect' Violations

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The Laredo Morning Times recently covered the Webb commissioners court's consideration of a contract with GEO Group. According to an attorney for GEO Corp.:

The violation of GEO Group policies by some of its employees, which court documents allege led to the suicides of former inmates in GEO-run prisons, should be reasonable to expect from a company that employs 10,000 people worldwide. That defense of the company was offered by GEO Group attorney Carlos Zaffirini at the Monday meeting of the Webb County Commissioners Court.

In the hearing, concerned citizens gave testimony relating to the county's "non-standard service contract" with GEO Group to provide water and sewer lines. Concerned citizens raised the issue with Pct. 4 Commissioner Sergio "Keko" Martinez following a series of scandals at GEO prisons in Texas.

Apparently, GEO officials do not believe citizens have the right to oversight of correctional facilities:

Zaffirini .. [stated] the outcries were "steeped in emotion and void of logic," and added the merits of GEO's current troubles in Texas, which include a current lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by a GEO prison guard in Coke County, should be discussed in those courts and not in Webb County.

The debate lasted for more than two hours with Commissioners deciding not to investigate the matter further. Commissioners then returned after a lunch break and decided to instruct County Attorney Homero Ramirez to study the county's obligation to provide water services to the private prison corporation.

We will continue to monitor the developments of GEO's activities in Laredo and throughout Texas.


I worked for the Geo Group in Del Rio,Tx from 2006-2009 and I filed charges with the EEOC in 2007 for discrimination for my hearing disability,harassment,retalliation then they put me on administrative leave without pay from February 27,2009.I called them to say I want my 128 hours of vacation and they wont give it to me.They just give me the runaround.They have us working 16 hours a day 4-5 days straight with one 30 minute lunch.They put me thru so much.

my son works for geo group in conroe and has already worked 4 days in a row 16 hour shifts. after he refused to work the fifth day 16 hour shift they have threatened to fire him. is this leagal?