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Mineral Wells Still on Lockdown Two Days After Disturbance

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The lockdown of the minimum-sercurity Mineral Wells pre-pareole prison continues days after a disturbance involving hundreds of prisoners. Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has not said yet when the lockdown will be lifted, although they are saying that state officials are "interviewing" hundreds of prisoners. I think the word she actually means is "interrogating" --- I'm sure that prisoners won't have the option of declining to be "interviewed" as part of this investigation.

CCA is reporting that 36 prisoners have been transferred to other prisons because they are believed to have been involved in some of the violence. These prisoners are probably facing longer sentences even though they were assigned to Mineral Wells because they were approaching release.

CCA's spokesperson pointed out that Mineral Wells is a minimum-security facility:

"These inmates are placed there because they have clean disciplinary records, and they are generally cooperative." -- Rose Thompson, CCA spokesperson

Right, because CCA, who operates the lock-up, counts on getting prisoners that are fairly easy to manage. That helps keep the cost of operation of this particular prison down while actually leaving the more difficult-to-manage prisoners for the state-run prisons. An interesting way of keeping costs down and profits up.

No reports yet on the costs associated with the violence Monday night: the expense of bringing 30 local police to surround the prison, staff time for all these investigations, transportation costs for abruptly transferring prisoners, and which of these costs CCA will pick up and which will be picked up by the state.

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My husband is at this facility. Just prior to this transfer he was approved to go to school in Huntsville. The next thing he new he was transferred to this hell hole. The lockdown and riot was a nightmare! My husband said it was the worst experience of his life, he said, "I felt like I was going to dye". They have nothing productive to do at this facility. There are prisoners who have been at this facility for three years because of parole is denied. He has completed every program prior to placement here & now he just sits idle. He was denied his parole. He goes before parole again next month. He got eight years for evading arrest & unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. It is true that this is not his first offence but, he is a non-violent offender. They voted a serve all & then retracted and said would review him again in October for January release. He is a model prisoner; he just wants to come home to his family. Do you have any advice? How can I help him? I've written support letters, his family, & my family has also. I don't have a lot of money; I've lost our home, and filing bankruptcy. We have two kids in college and one in high school, as well as a grandchild. I need my husband home, I need his help! By the way, who are the owners of these private prisons? Is it true that board members and guards of stock in CCA? Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest? Who governs the board to make sure that they are following the guide lines for parole? Should I get an attorney?

Sorry to hear about your family's sorrow. Mineral Wells PPT is still operating the same way. Yes amyrodz you do need an attorney, that is if the lead voter will grant personal interview with him/her. Hightower, to my knowledge, is the only one who will grant an personal interview with an attorney or family member. Sorry to tell you that but it's true. Pray you get him. From what I have read the CO'S smuggle in drugs, cell phones, knives, etc. The Offenders who are model prisoners, finishing all courses, going over and beyond what is expected of them are denied parole 3-4 times. Hence the constant riots and gang wars they are angry, how would you feel if you followed all the rules going over and beyond and then was PUNISHED FOR IT? CCA re: Mineral Wells gets approx. $55.00 per day per in-mate, they want to keep them there. BPP didn't know one existed. My loved one never saw board, denied in March and received slip of paper in May stating denied. Just tell him to try and get transferred out of there. Another ladies son picked a fight to get transferred out of Mineral Wells back into the slightly more just TDCJ. Many offenders are willing to put up with inhumane treatment because of contact visits, phones, and A/C. If and When they finally make it out they are angry and depressed people who need years of counseling. Texas pays big time in the long run for not getting into touch with reality. WE NEED PRISON REFORM.

When I read stuff like this it really scares me! My boyfriends release date is on December 17 of this year and he has told me that they might make him serve another year...but why on earth would they do that if he suppose to get out! He's a good guy he doesnt do anything wrong in his letters he tells me that he only goes out of his cell to eat and run.
If He's good and served his time I don't see what purpose he serves there.?? I guess were all fighting for the same thing!

I was at CCA for two years, I worked in the SEG unit cleaning and try to keep clean. The gaurds at CCA that I worked with stoled alot of stuff from the immates property that was brought in after a offender was put in lockup. They stoled wacthes,commissary food, pictures of family. One gaurd sold stuff to other offenders for honey buns,sodas. Also I have seen gaurds bring in Drugs,alchol, cigs. and have seen them put offenders watches in the pants and extra carring bags. Also seen them bring in CELL PHONES,,,,,, one gaurd was officer McMicheals, and officer Gordan witcht just left before I was Transfered to another TDCJ unit.

now this fool knows what he's talkin bout,, i was there when all the drugs were coming from across the fence,, cellphones, drugs , anything you wanted was there,,thats how i git busted cuz i let my guard down and they hit me with a drug test , came out dirty of herion

Been there done that..I was there back in 2008 and it was crazy. Drops comming over the fences ya could get anything ya wanted. It was not that bad but had its times of living hell, we were on lockdown for 16 days nothing but johnny sacks. Then they started putting up all the fences inside and really started to suck ass bad 2 guys were killed while I was there and lucky I was able to walk out the back gate....

Check it.  You don't need to lie to make people hate prisons.  The only death they ever had there was an inmate who went running in a garbage bag underneath his sweats, and he had a heart condition, and he didn't take his pills.

hey i was visiting my husband for the first time last weekend, and i arrived at thefacility at 9am and didn't get processed in to visit until 12pm and was visiting by 12:20pm. Is this long wait time always like this from what you know at this particular place?

to the person whining about your husband....stealing someones car and running from the cops is a serious offense and hes lucky not to be in a max facility like Robertson....keep in mind that TDCJ is criminal JUSTICE, not some kind of second chance rehab or halfway house. They are not obligated to provide felons with education and special privilages ect. I realize all of this and i am an ex con who has done time at this facility as well and im here to tell you.....this by far the easiest unit to do time on....number one because its run by CCA and number 2 because this place has the lowest level of security in any prison in Texas. If i were you id be more worried about the future crimes he will be committing when the parole board grants his release.

man dont listen to this dumb azz ,, he was probably there when the first opened it,, thats when they didnt have a fence arond the whole place and where you were able to work off the unit,,but now its all changed,, i was there in 06 to 07,, and i'd rathere be in a real unit than this place,,the good thing about it when i was there was that once count was cleared you were able to walk out of your building and go chill with the homies on the other side,, now, they got it to where one building at a time goes to rec,, so this unit sucks and that person dont know shit he's talking bout,, a run with HOUSTONE,  so my niggaz i know what the fuck im talkin bout when it come to this bitchazz unit


no,,leters can come in or out whenever,, the only thing is there aint no movement of any kind,, but he should of wrote you or called  on them cellphones they have dependin on who you click with

Well I going this week too see my twin brother there in cca!  well I traveling 6 hours to see him i have not seen him for 6months already!  I have not heared from him since april 12 So i have decided to go visit him and also i find out when i called that he had been in a fight!  and that not my brother but I guess the prison system you change to make it throw prison!"  I hope nothing has happend to my brother!  

this place is bad,, let me tell you something that ya'll might not know,, here in mineral well, you click with your own kind,, as you go in , you go into a process ,,administration will ask if you are in a gang, if you tell them no, then they still lable you as INDAPENDENT'' yes, this is a solo gang,,the inmates feed on this cuz it shows weakness ,,that fight your bro had was probably because he had no choice,,

Thank you!  Gilbert for you replay I hadn't  visit this page ever since I posted my comment well I did go and visit my brother and he was okay but I sow a big Change in if i didn't  Cry its just so sad to see many good people go down I mean you know... But I guess its the law It was his third offence of DWI.....  Which now its a big thing and I understand..  but to in up in Places like this Is bull Sh***  because as what I saw Many staff are the cruckit ones in not following the rules and them make up their own rules....Running  it in the way they want too....  I just hope My brother comes home soon!!

Trying to locate a place that my nephew...that is in Mineral Wells... scheduled to get out in November... He needs a place in the Smith County area..and all of the ones in the Tyler area...are closing... Please let me know of any that I could contact for him...


look, do you have his t.d.c. number?? if not , u can call huntsville and ask them whats up with this,, they are suppose to let you know if he's there , but that goes to show that they still are doing the same shit they were doing when i was there

look for all u poeple who really want to know about this place ,, it sucks,,, i was there when this so call riot went down, the thing is they doont want anyone knowing the real reason for it breakin off,,,alot of shit goes down that the family dont know about , well, i'll give each and everyone of ya'll a lil taste ,,these fuckers degrade you  like if you were a nobody becuz they can get away with it ,, alot of the inmates think that going to mineral wells is one step closer to going home<<bullshit,, the only reason they send you there is to take you off of T,D,C, count,, mineral well is a privately own facility,,but lil did them fuckers know was that i knew the game,, whatever you do in there really does effect you,, all they gonna do is ship u off of that play grownd to a real unit,,like i told them bitches before i left,, ''send me,, all ya'll doing is sendin me with my homeboyzz''' pissed them off cuz the next bus ride i was gone,,,anyways , the reason that kicked off that day was cuz they had this new female trying to change shit around ,,like you had to wear your t-shirts outside,,we all got together the week before this happen and came to an agrement,,,the mexicans, blacks and whites were gonna make store fist before anything ,, well on this day that this happen, they fucked us all out of recreation that whole day saying that the count was fucked up,, well on last chow,, we layed it down and didnt return to our dorms, the main warden came kissing azz and gave us our time,, but the north side didnt know,, so when they all saw that we bucked, they blew it all up to something else,,every guard left running cuz they were throwing rock at them ,, tear gass was thrown at us till we said it was enough,, even afterwards ,,they still hit us all with gass,, but if you ask me,, thats what them hoes get for fuckin with the wrong poeple,,we were on lock down for a whole month eatin ''johnies'' a fucken peanut butter sandwich and a ham sandwich each day for a month,, how do you really get full on that,,, but, to them we're the one that r always wrong even when we r right ,

Man Im so worried for my brother..... I'll be praying for him to be home sorry...  And thank you for the information...I know places like this are not running with the book like they should!! But I guess that life!!!

my husband has been in mineral wells since october. there has been 1 riot since he has been there. that was in december. when i went to visit it did take a little while but not too long. you are supposed to get a 2 hour visit and i think they cut ours by 30 minutes short. my husband says that he hates it there because they have nothing to offer there. no classes or anything and thats one of the things that the perole board takes into consideration when coming up for perole. but if theres no classes then it doesnt look good on the inmate when coming up for perole.  so in my next letter that i write to the perole board i am going to mention that. i heard that if the health inspectors fail this facility again that it will shut down. so maybe some of us can call the health board of mineral wells and get them over there again to have this place shut down. my husband says its nasty. he says theres no way it would pass a health inspection. my husband is really wanting to take some classes and atleast benefit from something while being there but they dont give that oppurtunity. he says other than the riot theres hasnt been alot of violence since hes been there. i just worry about him all the time. i guess all we can do is pray for the men in there.

Hi Amy,

Thank you for your story.  Unfortunately, it's one of many that we've heard from Mineral Wells.  I'd be very happy to talk to you about this more.  Please contact me at bob @ grassrootsleadership dot org or (512) 499-8111.  Thanks,


Doe's anyone know a inmate who's name is John Albert Morey"Jamey",?  He is a friend of mine from Ohio and I have not heard from him in three years.  I just did a search and found him to be in this facility.  He's white, tall and lanky, wears tinted glasses and somewhat goofy but otherwise harmless or at least he was.  He is a cocain addict and makes poor choices when he uses, that's his crime.  Yes he broke the law with CS possession, evading arrest from officers on foot and a bogus domestic violence charge that his then GF put on him.  This guy get loud and probably yelled at her for not sharing the coke he was using and caught this charge which lead the police to him and this charges he caught.  He's a talented home remodeler and can do any type of handy work or construction better than any person I have ever used for such things as well as being a gifted musician playing guitar.

  It is my opinion that private run institutions are not cohesive to rehabilitation but are there for profit, plain and simple,  and although there is no excuse for breaking the laws of the land,  this man poses no threat to society at large.  I just want to know if he is still there, that he is OK and making his way through the path he put in front of himself.  So if he has any friends at all.  If you know someone in this place and they know of him please pass my concern along with the thought that his friend in Ohio still care and that he's not forgotten.  If I break a law I expect to pay for my crime just like the next guy,  but this does not sound like a place where any inmate should be just so the state of Texas can save money.  The old cliche of treatment over incarceration still might hold true for many inmates.  There are those in the world who are just fucked up and will never comform to societies rules and belong behind bars,  and then there's the 90% of inmates who just need to learn that there is a better life for them than what they might have gotten as children or kick their drug of choice.  I'm not a bleeding heart and if you hurt myself or my family I can be as nasty as the next mF'r.  I just want to know if someone can get word of or to my friend.  I'm not even sure how I found this web site other than through devine intervention from a higher power,  so my thoughts are that this might help his loved ones find his ass and help get him through his difficult time that his addiction has sent him to.  I do think he's probably learned his lesson if this place is the hell hole as described by everyone posting here. 

 Thanks for reading this and I pray for all the inmates "good or bad" that they find a better life and that I get an answer this this query.

hey whats up,im replying to the real&considerate human beings who care and concerned about not big on writing but i will stay posted,and try to spread the 411 on what is transpiring on this modern day guys keep your head up!!!!!

My husband heard a rumor that this bullshit unit is closing down in September. Does anyone know if its true?



dis is jessica spradlin i am 18 this year and i hav a dad thats in mineral wells i havent seen him since i was 14 and he was suposed to get out this year in jan but they found something  else on him and gave him another year and thats jux soo sad i miss him so  much and im in fostercare and i knw he really misses me i only wrote him 1 letter since he been in there. i hope he is okay and that he will get out this year hopefully err body is treating him okay. i also have a mother thats in dawson state jail who keeps on going bak but she gets out in june soo i canr wait they only gave her a year hopefully she gets out in does the right thing this time. she has 2 beautiful kids that love her so much and my dad. i pray err night that there okay. well thats enough 2 say...  bye  :(

This place does suck. Just got out, there are fights every day and theres every kind of drug there. the female guards actually perform favors sometimes, this place is cool to do time but dangerous

My husband has been there for about 2 months now i miss him very much. He is about to come out in about 27 to 47 days from now. I havent had him home for about 8 months now. He is a good man just made bad choices in life. I know how it fells now to have someone u love in a place like that and all i can say to those are like me and there children is im sorry and things can only get better when he comes out. Im just afraid of how things are gonna be for him when he dose come home. he has missed his 13 month olds life and can never get it back . I think that no matter what prison u go to there are always gonna be some tipe of messed up system somewhere. Thanks for ur time.