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Texas Southern University Private Prison Conference Now Accepting Papers

An academic conference discussing the private prison industry will be held at Texas Southern University in Houston August 6-8 of this year.  Here's a description of the conference, entitled "The International Prison Privatization Experience: A Transatlantic and Transpacific Dialogue,"

Criminal justice scholars, community activists, law enforcement personnel, community development specialists, juvenile justice advocates, and immigration officials are cordially invited to attend the first international conference on prison privatization. This conference will highlight the inimical effects of prison privatization on women, minorities, and the poor. Please join us as we explore alternative strategies for sentencing, economic development in rural communities, re-entry prevention, and prison privatization. With nationally and internationally recognized speakers and presenters, conference participants can look forward to thought-provoking, energetic, and cutting-edge discussions and information to share with their organizations and communities.

Conference sponsors include the Barbara Jordan Institute for Policy Research, the Administration of Justice Department from the Barbara Jordan and Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University, Grassroots Leadership, and Justice Strategies.
Confirmed Speakers:
  • Judith Greene, Justice Strategies.
  • Si Kahn, Grassroots Leadership.
  • Michael Hallett, Professor and Chair, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice University of North Florida.
  • Stephen Nathan, Prison Privatisation Report International, published in London by the Prison Reform.
  • Byron E. Price, Texas Southern University, BJ-ML School of Public Affairs Political Science Department.
  • Jeffrey Ian Ross, Fellow of the Center for International and Comparative Law at the University of Baltimore.
Papers should investigate comparative aspects of prison privatization and grassroots initiatives geared toward reducing prison privatization. Proposals should be between 200-400 words and examine critical issues such as race, gender and crime and the impact on families' and prisoners' communities. Papers should fit into one of the following categories:

Session 1:      Financial and Social Costs of an Increasing Use of Imprisonment

Session 2:      Commodification of Prisoners and Human Rights

Session 3:      Constitutional Implications of Private Prisons

Session 4:      The Commercialization of Justice

Session 5:      Interjurisdictional Issues and Common Concerns

Session 6:      Demystifying Prison Privatization

Session 7:      Privatized Detention of Immigrants

For more information contact:

Prof. Byron E. Price, the Conference Chair at 713-313-4809. Please send proposals, preferably as a Word or pdf attachment, to pricebe (at) tsu (dot) edu by April 1st of 2009.
We'll keep you posted as the conference develops.


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