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Texas Advocates for Justice

Welcoming new Texas Prison Bid'ness blogger, Jorge Renaud

Jorge Renaud
We are pleased to welcome our newest Texas Prison Bid'ness blooger, Jorge Renaud.

Jorge is the Texas Advocates for Justice (TAJ) organizer at Grassroots Leadership. He comes to this work after a long journey, from prison to walking the halls of the Texas Legislature as a policy analyst for the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition and as an organizer with the Center for Community Change.

An occasional slam poet and a fulltime believer in the necessity of those most affected by policy to be at the forefront of change, Jorge now is devoted to assisting the incredible work of the individuals in the Texas Advocates for Justice (TAJ) as they chop away at the roots of incarceration.

Jorge's daughter lives in Huntsville and holds his heart. Jorge shoots pool; try him. 

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