“What happens if you privatize prisons is that you have a large industry with a vested interest in building ever-more prisons.” -- Molly Ivins, 2003

Introducing New TPB Blogger Lauren Voyles

We're happy to introduce the newest Texas Prison Bid'ness blogger Lauren Voyles. 

Lauren is a new organizer with Grassroots Leadership - one of Texas Prison Bid'ness's sponsors - in Austin, Texas.  She was placed at Grassroots Leadership through the Young Adult Volunteer program, a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The program allows young people to serve domestically or internationally at sites where they are able to positively impact others, as well as be good stewards of our society and our world. 

Lauren will be covering private prison developments for Texas Prison Bid'ness, with a particular focus on immigration detention-related posts.   

Corrections Corp. of America loses another Texas contract; MTC to take over Bridgeport pre-parole facility

Corrections Corporation of America has not had a good month in Texas.  At the end of August, the company's troubled Dawson State Jail and Mineral Wells Pre-Parole Transfer Facility were both closed after a long battle by criminal justice advocates and state legislators to close unused and unsafe facilities.  

Now, CCA has lost another Texas Department of Criminal Justice-contracted facility.  The Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility, a 200-bed prison holding incarcerated women for TDCJ, will transfer operations from CCA to Management and Training Corporation.  

According to an article in the Wise County Messenger ("Change coming at women’s prison," September 11, behind a pay wall):

Management & Training Corp. (MTC), the Utah-based contractor that has managed the men’s Bridgeport Correctional Center since September 2010, is expected to take over management of the women’s facility this month, although corporate officials were unable to release a date by press time Tuesday.

“We’re in the final stages of an agreement with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Corrections Corp. of America to take over operation of the Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility,” communications director Issa Arnita said Tuesday.

CCA has also lost contracts in Mississippi, Idaho, and Kentucky in recent months.  


Two Corrections Corp. of America Prisons in Texas Will Close This Weekend

Two private prisons contracted by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - the Mineral Wells Pre-Parole Transfer Facility and the Dawson State Jail - will close this weekend after their funding was zeroed out during the last legislative session.  

As we've reported, Mineral Wells was plagued for years with contraband while Dawson was the site of several deaths of women at its facility, persistent complaints of inadequate medical care, protests, and a campaign and report co-authored by Grassroots Leadership (my organization) calling for its closure.  

State lawmakers pushed for the closures arguing that the state had extra bed capacity thanks to a declining prison population.  

Dallas Morning News reporter Scott Goldstein toured the facility yesterday and found some haunting messages left on the walls ("Dawson State Jail winds down in final days," August 29):

"The last prisoners this week left the Jesse R. Dawson State Jail along the Trinity River in downtown Dallas.

But inside, the paint-chipped walls and doors that confined thousands over the years carry their messages of despair and hope.


“Surrender to death or to life.”

“Don’t be afraid. Soon you will pass out of darkness.”

Over the weekend, we'll be updating our map of private prisons to show that these facilities are now no longer active.

McLennan County's Jack Harwell lock-up still under-filled as ICE doesn't send detained immigrants to Waco

McLennan County is still struggling to fill its speculatively-built Jack Harwell Detention Center, according to an article in the Waco Tribune ("ICE detainees never delivered to county’s jail," August 27) this week:

"McLennan County officials said the 200 detainees U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement promised to the county’s private jail didn’t come.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cawthon said ICE told the county the detainees would be delivered to the Jack Harwell Detention Center on Highway 6 at the end of July, but none arrived.

Harwell warden James Duke said he has offered 300 of the center’s 833 beds to the federal agency, but he doesn’t know when to expect them to be filled.

“The thing with immigration is this facility is only an overflow facility. So basically, we can’t expect (detainees) unless (ICE) needs us for overflow beds, and there’s no way we can predict that,” he said. “Dealing with (ICE), it’s got to be on their time and on their need.”"

This is not the Jack Harwell lock-up's first foray into immigrant detention contracts.  As we reported back in 2011, then-operator Community Education Centers had immigration detainees removed from its facility after complaints from legal service advisors and immigration rights advocates that conditions in the facility were inappropriate for immigrants in civil detention.  The facility also was deemed non-compliant by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. 

McLennan County has struggled to pay the debt the county's Public Facility Corporation floated to pay for the construction of hte facility.  The facility has sat half-empty for years after county's financing agency spent $49 million to build it.  The sitting McLennan County Sheriff was on the payroll of CEC at the time the county voted to finance the construction of the facility. 

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