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Judy Greene

Judy Greene is an independent criminal justice policy analyst and a founder of Justice Strategies. Her areas of expertise include private prisons, sentencing, and corrections policy. Judy began her prison privatization research almost a decade ago as a Senior Research Fellow for the Institute on Criminal Justice at the University of Minnesota Law School. Prior to that post Judy was director of the State-Centered Program for the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. From 1985 to 1993 Judy was Director of Court Programs at the Vera Institute of Justice, and she is currently a senior research associate for the Justice Policy Institute, the Drug Policy Alliance and the Women’s Prison Association.

Since completing the Minnesota privatization research, she has documented and assessed "best practices" in private prison oversight for the RAND Corporation, under sponsorship by the National Institute of Justice, and has investigated human rights abuses in private prisons as a Senior Soros Justice Fellow of the Open Society Institute.

Over many years of research on sentencing and corrections policy Judy has provided legislative testimony in California, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Georgia, and Texas, and has presented papers for scores of professional and policy organizations, including the National Institute of Justice, the National Institute on Corrections; the Open Society Institute, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the British Columbia Provincial Court Judicial Conference, the Freidrich Ebert Stiftung, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the Economic Policy Institute, the Minnesota Sentencing Commission, the Maryland Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy, and the Youth Law Center.

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