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Michael Moore to tackle private prisons in new film?

Will Michael Moore make private prisons the focus of his newest documentary expose?  That's the question the film-indusry blog

A film crew for Michael Moore’s next yet-to-be-titled documentary was in Wilkes-Barre, PA last week interviewing people involved with the Luzerne County Courthouse scandal. According to FilmBuffOnline, Moore wasn’t present during filming. For those who don’t know, county judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. accepted a $2.6 million from two privately owned juvenile detention centers in exchange for helping secure contracts worth upwards of $30 million.

Details about Moore’s new documentary have been kept tightly under wraps, but it was announced as a quasi-follow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11, focusing on a post-Bush administration world and the financial crisis. Privately owned prisons have become a big business over the last decade, but what does outsourcing government services to the private sector have to do with the big picture? The Geo Group has recently come under fire for possible mistreatment of prisoners, which may have resulted in inmate deaths at some of their facilities.

We'll keep you posted on developments... 


Anyone with information regarding the possible Michael Moore film and how to contact him please let me know....I'm a ex-private prison supervisor and quit the business due to the corruption of its upper management.....i wanted no parts of it anymore.....

Hi Chris, I'd certainly be interested in talking to you about your experiences.  I don't have contacts with Michael Moore's people, but may very well have another major media source who would like to interview you.  Contact me through the contact form on the website -  Thanks!

Hi Chris, I'd love to talk with you. I work for Michael. Please email me here: Thanks, A

Ask me about the Texas private prisons, although it has been a few years i was one of the inmates and seen it first hand.Let me see one example was making deer stands on the tax payers expense hell i painted them and help load them in the guards trucks after hours

The county freeholders of camden county nj are trying to privatize there jail right now. a fierce battle with the pba union is underway. i am a sergeant that works there and would love to share. big rally coming up on jan 4 2010.

There are over 170 prisons in texas, I say we out to lock people up for jay walking.My 12 year old nefew sold a water pill at school and told the kid it was a xanax,so they locked him up.When I was a kid the coach would paddle you and make you do laps.Maybe we need some tolerance instead of sending kids to criminal school.We live in a police state the people who need to stay locked up get out and and the people who make miner mistakes stay in.Justice depends on your income.

Oh, that is already happening. The roads are being maintained by private prison population

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This is very interesting,and I would love to know know about it. How did you start doing it,and what was your purpose?

I think the documentary would be wonderful in bringing out some of the interesting facts about the functioning of these private prisons. Everyone would be waiting for the release of the film. bug dogs