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State Senator Bribery Trial Delayed

The bribery cases against State Senator Carlos Uresti and former Reeves County Judge Jimmy Galindo continue in their profiting from Reeves County Detention Complex. KSAT reported developments this month that Uresti was scheduled alongside businessman Vernon Farthing to be tried in May. As of March 19, according to San Antonio Express News, Uresti’s trial has been delayed until October.

Since we first reported in May 2017, Galindo pleaded guilty to charges of bribery, according to KSAT. Galindo was the Reeves County Judge until December 31, 2016. Galindo led Reeves County to submit a proposal to the Bureau of Prisoners to win the contract in 2006 to house federal prisoners including immigrants. The Reeves County Detention Complex, located in Pecos, Texas, now houses 1,356 prisoners in its R-3 facility under the Criminal Alien Requirement.

The lawsuit outlines that in August 2006, Galindo, Uresti, and Farthing secured the medical contract for Farthing’s company, Physicians Network Association (PNA), hiring Uresti as a “consultant.” In September 2006,  Galindo signed the contract on behalf of Reeves County to PNA. From September 2006 to September 2016, PNA and its successor companies paid Uresti approximately $10,000 per month. Uresti awarded approximately half of the bribe money to Galindo.

While Uresti and Galindo await trial, Reeves County’s prisons remain historically known for their shocking abuses, including the overuse of solitary confinement and overcrowded prisons. Prior to closing its R1 and R2 facilities, it was ranked among America’s 10 Worst Prisons by Mother Jones.

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