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Private Prisons Map Update

We have recently updated our map to indicate the most up-to-date information on private prisons and detention centers in Texas.

In 2017, three privately-operated prisons were closed with the advocacy of criminal justice leaders: West Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility, Bartlett State Jail, and Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility.

We have also updated our list of operating companies:

Our map will continue to be updated as Immigration and Customs Enforcement solicits contracts for more detention beds in Texas, such as the Montgomery ICE Processing Center under construction to be operated by GEO Group.


Very interesting article, thank you for sharing this kind information here. As private prisons facilities confront developing resistance, numerous states have finished contracts or hindered these privatization plans. Texas-based not-for-profit that tracks private prisons facilities and supporters against growing them.

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