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GEO Group buys two facilities in Texas

The GEO Group has bought two more correctional centers in Texas, reports the News-Review

Officials in Maverick and Jones counties confirmed that their closed detention centers have been bought by the for-profit company GEO Group, which runs the most immigrant detention centers in Texas. GEO did at one time operate the facility in Maverick County, but in 2013 there was a disagreement over the contract and how profits were divided up between the company and the county. This led to GEO Group pulling out of the contract, with the county attempting to operate the facility and repay the bonds. They were unsuccessful and the county eventually had to foreclose on the facility. 

GEO Group has steadily worked since 2010 to expand its' influence in Texas by purchasing smaller private prison companies such as Cornell (2010), LCS Corrections (2015), and Community Education Centers (2017). The for-profit company has also recently been awarded a contract to construct a new 1,000 bed detention facility in Texas which is expected to generate $44 million in annual revenue for the company.

The influence isn't a positive one, however, as GEO facilities have a history of wrongful deaths, sexual assault, and locking up children who have cancer.   

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