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Homeland Security advisory committee recommends end to family detention

The Department of Homeland (DHS) Security's Advisory Committee on Family Detention has recommended that DHS end its policy of detaining children and their families, reports Human Rights First.  

The 166-page report by the Advisory Committee on Family Detention emphasized that the recommendation to end the practice of family detention is consistent with U.S. law. This recommendation follows a growing body of medical and mental health literature that shows the harmful impacts of detention on children's health.    

There are currently three family detention centers in the U.S., with one in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and two located in Texas. The South Texas Family Residential Camp, located in Dilley, Texas, has denied access to attorneys in the past, while the Karnes Family Detention Center has been accused of violating laws related to the American with Disabilities Act. Women detained at the Berks Family Detention Center in Pennsylvania went on a hunger strike this past summer to protest their prolonged detention.  

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