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ICE Close to New Deal for Family Detention Center

Duval County Judge Ricardo Carillo.

Duval County officials have submitted a proposal to ICE to turn a San Diego nursing home into a family detention center, the San Antonio Current reports.

As we reported previously, Jim Wells County decided to end negotiations with Serco, the UK-based private prison company that hoped to turn a nursing home into a new immigrant family detention facility. The city of San Diego sits in both Jim Wells and Duval Counties, so officials in Duval are voting on the proposed new facility. Duval County Judge Ricardo O. Carrillo submitted the proposal to ICE without having a public hearing over the issue saying "the timeline didn't allow it."

Bishop Michael Mulvey, of the Corpus Christi Diocese, said in a statement that Judge Carrillo bypassed the will of the people of San Diego, who had already spoken on the issue. Bishop Mulvey also said, "I believe that the Duval County Commissioners would hear similar things to what the Jim Wells and Dimmit County commissioners heard: that our communities do not want to build facilities that incarcerate vulnerable women, children and babies."

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Duval country has submitted a great proposal of dealing for the family detention center.

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