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State Rep. Allen Fletcher’s affiliation with private prison companies raises questions about candidacy for Harris County Sheriff

State Rep. Allen Fletcher's official legislative portrait
State Rep. Allen Fletcher's official legislative portrait

UPDATE: The Houston Chronicle reports that Rep. Allen Fletcher has decided not to run for Harris County Sheriff and instead will instead seek the Precinct 4 constable spot.

According to the Houston Press, State Rep. Allen Fletcher announced his candidacy to become the next Harris County Sheriff in early May. Fletcher has served as state representative since 2008, but it is his work outside of the legislature that could be an indicator of the type of sheriff he would be.

Since 2009, Fletcher has been working as a consultant for private prison companies like Community Education Centers (CEC) and La Salle Management Company, both of which have faced numerous controversies including bribery, prisoner escapes, and human rights abuses.

Yáñez-Correa, executive director of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, expressed concern about Fletcher being elected as Harris County Sheriff, and whether that brings the controversial possibility of the privatization of Harris County Jail into play. Harris County Jail is the fourth largest jail in the U.S — it would be a boom for any private corporation looking to drive up its profit margins.

Ana Yáñez-Correa told the Houston Press that privatizing the jail would be bad for inmates, employees and taxpayers, because private prison companies “make money by lowering the costs of running these places, by paying their staff less, by offering fewer programs and all kinds of shortcuts people take when they want to save money and run a profitable business.”


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