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GEO employee charged with sexual assault at Texas detention center

GEO Group employee pleaded not guilty to charges that he initiated sexual contact with a man detained at an immigration detention center ("Jail Employee charged with Detainee Sex," 3/27/14) south of San Antonio operated by GEO Group.  GEO is the same private prison corporation subject to a hunger strike at two detention facilities in Texas and Washington State. 

Juan Aguilar, formerly employed at the South Texas Detention Complex in Pearsall, near San Antonio, worked in the kitchen. The incident allegedly occured on February 17, when Aguilar is said to have lowered the detained man's pants and began performing oral sex on him in the facility's kitchen. Unfortunately, this incident is not the first alleged sexual assault to take place at Pearsall. 

Aguilar was indicted on March 19 and was charged with the sexual abuse of a ward. The Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General is overseeing the investigation. Aguilar is no longer employed at the facility.