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Guards Arrested for Inappropriate Sexual Conduct

Two guards at the Jack Hartwell Detention Center have been arrested following accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct with prisoners.

According to the article ("Private Jail Guards Arrested for Having Sex with Inmates," 9/18/13) published by KWTX, 

"Regina Edwards, 44, posted a $5,000 bond Tuesday and was released after she was charged with participating in an improper sexual act with a person in custody. Dorothy Pennington, 22, turned herself into deputies at the sheriff's office Wednesday morning and was being booked into the county jail." 

Investigators have interviewed one prisoner who claims that he and a female guard have had sexual contact four times. The complaint identifying Edwards claims that investigators were able to trace phone conversations during which sexual matters were discussed. On Wednesday morning, no official complaint was available for Pennington. The incidents in question took place between 2011 and 2013.  

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