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GEO Group Expanding Even More in Montgomery County

Just weeks after GEO Group purchased the Joe Corley Detention Facility from debt-ridden Montgomery County, the corporation announced plans to build a second federal jail nearby.  GEO paid $65 million for the facility, $10 million more than the county's asking price.  In return, the county commissioner court promised to support any proposal GEO made to the federal government to build a new facility.

Joe Corley Detention Facility has caused considerable trouble for Montgomery County since its construction in 2008.  The county took out $44.8 million in tax-exempt bonds to build it on the stipulation that 30% of the facility's beds were filled with people incarcerated by the county and lost that exemption when it failed to follow through.  Beyond the $7 million in back taxes and $38 million in outstanding debt, Joe Corley has also been the subject of an FBI investigation into financial fraud.

Opposition to GEO's second prison in the town of Conroe comes from both anti-privatization activists and Tea Party Republicans alike.  Jon Bauman of the Texas Patriots PAC called the situation "really outrageous and not very transparent" at a commissioners' court meeting, voicing his concern that the citizens of the town would not have supported the agreement.

We'll keep you updated as more details emerge.