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Civil Rights groups file lawsuit against CCA for withholding information

Texas Civil R

ights Project and Prison Legal News have filed suit against Corrections Corporation for withholding information around the tragic deaths of women at CCA-run Dawson State Jail.  At a press conference on May 1, TCRP attorney Brian McGiverin stated that:

"CCA hides the truth about its management because it knows the truth is horrific.  But they won’t get away with it. Texans know how to keep government accountable. Our laws entitle us to check its homework and keep it honest. At Dawson State Jail and beyond, we intend to show CCA it is not above the law."

The Dawson State Jail has come under fire in the last few months after a string of deaths, including that of a premature infant born in the facility without medical personnel present, which have been covered here.  TCRP has filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act which would require CCA to divulge information surrounding the deaths; so far, CCA has not complied, opening itself up to potential legal ramifications.  As a result of the disturbing conditions at Dawson, the jail is being targeted for closure during this legislative session.

The lawsuit has been covered in the Texas Tribune, the Dallas Morning News, KUT News, the Austin American-Statesman, and other news organizations. 

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