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Montgomery County puts Joe Corley Detention Center Up for Sale

Montgomery Co

unty has put its troubled Joe Corley Detention Center - currently operated by GEO Group and detaining immigrants under contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement - up for sale, according to a report from Montgomery County Courier ("Multiple firms show interest in Corley facility," March 23rd)

"When Montgomery County commissioners voted to put the Joe Corley Detention Center up for sale in January, County Judge Alan B. Sadler expressed confidence the jail would attract several suitors in spite of its $55 million asking price.

Since then, eight corrections companies have shown a preliminary interest in the 1,288-bed facility, and three firms on the county’s “plan holders” list have inspected the jail within the past two weeks."

Officials at the facility have received interest from eight companies including private prison corporations GEO Group, Corrections Corporation of America, and Community Education Centers.  The facility has a troubled history and is currently under federal investigation over allegations of financial misconduct, according to the article.

"Financed with $44.8 million in tax-exempt bonds, the jail was built on projections of growth in the inmate population in Montgomery County. Those assumptions haven’t panned out, however, so commissioners have advertised a minimum bid of $55 million to cover the jail’s outstanding debt (slightly less than $38 million) and to pay any fines from losing the tax-exempt status of those bonds.

The county also would profit approximately $10 million from the sale, county officials have stated.  The Joe Corley center, located at 500 Hilbig in Conroe, houses federal prisoners from the U.S. Marshal’s Office and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. The county received its tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service when it promised local inmates would account for 30 percent of the Corley’s population by August of this year.

That isn’t expected to happen.  ....  GEO Care is a subsidiary that operates the Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Center. Both facilities have been the focus of an investigation for alleged financial misconduct."

We'll keep you posted on developments from Montgomery County.  

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