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"Minor Fight" at GEO's Reeves County Detention Center

A "minor fight" between incarcerated immigrants at the GEO Group's Reeves County Detention Center is being reported by the Odessa American-Statesman ("Inmate fight results in injuries at Reeves County prison Sunday," July 16)

"A minor fight involving several inmates resulted in minor injuries at the Reeves County Detention Center Sunday, officials from the Geo Group, Inc., the private company that operates the facility, reported.

During the day Sunday, a minor “inmate-on-inmate fight” broke out in the recreation yard, reported Pablo E. Paez, vice president of corporate relations reported. The fight resulted in minor injuries to “less than half a dozen inmates.”

“Staff at the facility responded promptly to quell the fight which did not result in any injuries to staff or damage property,” Paez reported."

GEO has good reason to respond quickly to this incident.  The Reeves County Detention Center was made infamous in 2008 and again in 2009 after major prisoner uprisings were sparked by alleged medical neglect and the death of Jose Manuel Galindo, an epileptic prisoner incarcerated for re-entering the country after deportation.  Those uprisings burnt part of the facility to the ground, resulted in protests by immigrant and prisoner activist groups, and a major lawsuit.

We'll keep you posted on developments from Reeves County.