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Why does Corrections Corp. of America object to reporting on efforts to reduce prison rape?


Corrections Corporation of America shareholder and prison reform activist Alex Friedmann has submitted a shareholder resolution that would require the private prison corporation to issue bi-annual reports on its efforts to reduce incidents of prisoner rape and sexual abuse at CCA-operated facilities.

The resolution seems like a fairly straight-forward attempt to show that the company is serious about reducing sexual assault in its facilities.  After all, sexual assault is a serious problem highlighted by a recent lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Texas after several asylum-seeking women were sexually assaulted at the company's T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas.  

However, CCA objected to the resolution to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The SEC ruled against CCA, and the resolution will be heard at the company's next annual meeting on May 10, 2012. CCA's board of directors, including Thurgood Marshall, Jr., has recommended that stockholders vote AGAINST the resolution.

Alex has launched a petition to inform CCA executives that prison rape is a serious issue that it should address in a transparent way.   We expect the issue to gain more media attention in Texas and beyond in coming weeks.

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