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Dean of Texas Senate rejects CCA prison purchase proposal

Yesterday, Frank wrote that the ACLU, Presbyterian Criminal Justice Network, and a broad coalition of civil rights and faith leaders were opposing CCA's recent offer to buy state prisons in return for states maintaining 90% occupancy at these facilities.  

Now, these groups are being joined by Texas State Senator John Whitmire, the Dean of the Senate and long-time chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee.  Whitmire, speaking to USA Today ("Private purchasing of prisons locks in occupancy rates," March 8th), had this to say:

"You don't want a prison system operating with the goal of maximizing profits," says Texas state Sen. John Whitmire, a Houston Democrat and advocate for reducing prison populations through less costly diversion programs. "The only thing worse is that this seeks to take advantage of some states' troubled financial position."

Former Kansas Secretary of Corrections Roger Werholtz also warned against the temptation of a "quick infusion of cash" saying,

"[m]y concern would be that our state would be obligated to maintain these (occupancy) rates and subtle pressure would be applied to make sentencing laws more severe with a clear intent to drive up the population."

Here's hoping state leaders in Texas and beyond see through this proposal. 


With respect to the Criminal Justice System and our good Senator-Mr. John Whitmire comments I too agree.  It would be insane to try to sell the CJS with a promise to keep the State prisons occupied for profit with a maximum 90% occupied rate.  It's already enough that there are attorneys out there willing to take your case for the money just to post-postone and post postone when you are already to represent yourself pro se' to minimize the amount of legal fees that some of these bozos can try to run up at the expense of the tax payers--- like I would ever do something like that!!!!!to the point that you just have to terminate him with him I mean David L. Garza no hard feelings. And then go on ahead and represent yourself pro se' anyway just to get a fair trial.  And then they still want to crucify you for firing him as if someone has been on the take and paying him behind your back to spy on you or something, what's up with that?  And then when I win and they tell me someone already had him on the take, so you do not ever want to trust any of them again,   the pro se' first offense misdemeanor charge where dropped.  Just like that. Thanks for the 411. 

While lobbyist try to drive you in sane to get you to take the insane money so they can keep trying to get away with whatever they think they can get away with.  With as many witch doctors out there pretending to be equity shareholders in the Sherriffs Department of Harris County, who really are unstable, disabled and fully retired, it's a shame to hear of such a racquet to try to sell the prison system to private players for a guarantee of a profit and a 90 % occupancy rate.  What has this State got to do to reduce all of the fraud from those who think that because they have begun to receive their social security disability retirement that they have to spy and snitch and make up whatever they are brainwashed to make up in order to keep receiving what is considered to be medical disability.  This falls under HIPPA with Doctor Patient Confidentiality for those who have met it. 

 I am not one of them- I am way to sane to fall for this money game. 

Why is there this ungreatful mean man by the name of Raju Patel who lives at 15 Gage Ct. Drive, 77024 who thinks he is the prince of darkness and can stalk any one he wants in order to get them to do what he wants to keep the CJS full and act like he owns hell where he states "his fathers house has many rooms and welcome to hell". He honestly beleives he owns this place and he think he owns my home to and can come in like a hologram and walk around my home and stand beside my bed stating "THEY KNOW"  Then continues to threaten and stalk you because you do not fall for one of his post acute reoccuring lies about how he can do this and get away with it since he had been doing it for four (4) years.  And claim responsibiliy for every death, every accident, like the passing of mom last month he says he accepts full responsibility for that and that my dad is next since he wasn't able to get my husband last year, but he is not going to stop trying.... dening the fact that I was given a statuatory warning stating "we are sorry for you inconvenince this is just a statuatory warning and you are free to go".  Your own private physician has come in to clear you considering we could not find one single thing on you in the records division anywhere, we did not know who you where, the attorney you hired made up what ever he could and we could not prove him to be true, and no not as much as a single finger print on you could we find so you are free to go.  And by the way now that we know who you are via you own private Physician who has come in and taken the time out of his busy surgical practice to provide that you clean and not a druggy and just happen to be one of his patients and we now have received the Urine Analysis from your Doctor under your Doctor patient confidentialty and you are free to go consdering you are all clear there is nothing at all in your system.  Duh?   and no your were not driving with any intoxicant or any narcodic as it states in the Sherriffs hand book of Harris County that A DWI is drving with something and now that we have ransacked your automobile looking for any litttle trace of any thing so that the law will apply to you, oopps we have made a mistake, would you like for us to check your blood.  To which I responded I have been asking you to do that for three long days.  YES!!!!! Now that you know I am clear and my good real licensed doctor has provided for the good judge in 1st offense misdemeanor court room number 8 that I am clean, yes by all means place me in this hospital bed and take my blood too so that you know that I am not just committed for life as a blood donor, that I also am an organ donor and no I do not want to die in this place and my blood is clean too, super clean as a matter of fact I am in the highest level of blood donors.  I am in the transfusion club where they take my blood for platlets, red blood cells white blood cells and whole units of blood too.  I truly save a half a dozen to a dozen lives every year and yes I am proud of that so by all means take my blood to you too will also know that about me as well.  This information I am happy to release under the HIPPA rule.   So test away.  I am clean, clean, and all clear.   And by the way now that your know this about me please thank you for this nice hot meal, this very comfortable bed and allowing me to be classified as medical "ALL CLEAR" with my blood all clear too so I may go home.  My fully disabled husband needs me. I am his primary care giver, he has aphasia, apraxia and is dyslexic in addition to night blindness and I take really good care of him.  A responsibility I take most serious. 

Just to let me leave with this Statuatory Warning and all Clear have a good day. A no you license has not been revoked or suspended  thank you for cooperating  and here is the check for $75.00 from Sherriff Adrian Garcia that reflects the amount of money you had on you when you came in so now you may take this check around the corner or just deposit it back into your own bank account.  And have a good day.

Just to have them say to me three (3) months later well we thought you were him and I am like whose him, Jaime your husband, and we wanted his head for medical and science so this Raju Patel stated that he could get it, he had his ways.... by causing him to have a heart attack and a stoke, well...they did not get Jaime Garza, they got Mrs. Jaime Garza I am his wife, so now he will not stop trying until he get's it right. 

Well to make a lomg story short, this was just WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG.  What does he think that this CJS is going to be an organ donor ring or something.  I need my Senator to know.  That this has got to stop.  I have tried everything and even won on all accounts and this Raju Patel that lives in his brother's home again at 15 Gage Ct Houston, Texas 77024 in Memorial a few miles away from where my husband and I live and he needs to quit stalking us as and we need our Senator Mr. John Whitmire himself to please handle this, I have tried everything and they say that there is nothing that they can do about it.  I fired David L. Garza five (5) different time in every appropriate way possible.  I even gave his card to someone that may have needed a court appointed attorney. I hired my own attorney and then I began to see how this was to unfold so I fired him after all I hired him and therefore according to law considering I was not without not even one single right, I was with all my rights had my wits about me and most certainly could afford to hire whomever I wanted, or represent myself pro se where I have had a 100% success rate so I did and guess what I won again, and still he tries to remain attached to me.  WHAT IS THE BIG COVER UP?  Is this really going to be the future of our State run prisons.  NO as an advocate I yeild to my Senator in my district to please do something about this situation.  Before anyone else passes away.  There is no way that the State Prison Systems can guarantee a sell to private owners for a profit and a guarantee of 90% capacity at all times.  What do they think that this is just a free for all and the witch doctors are going to run the show.  Sorry but I do not think so and something really needs to be done, I am tired of being a victim of no crime, I did the sentence but committed no crime, therefore they could not bring any charge against me and still they are striving to drive me crazy so they can get away with all of their crimes.  I am under attack and I need some help.  So please no sell of the System for guarantees of profit or I will be only a mere number to so many more that may fall victim to this type of prey. 


So again I yeild to my Senator to please keep standing and advocating, if not for this 1st offense misdemenor I would not have even known what the inside of Harris County Jail looked like and now I would like to get the nightmare out of my mind.  Doe this really have to be a life sentence because I beat the wrap and all charges were dropped. 

My own private physician cleared me and they could not detain me any longer.  Why I  am to remain the victim I have been an international corporated paralegal, have had my residential and commercial real-estate license, have been the President of my own Texas Corporation and have successfully advocated at all levels of Govenment for what I truly believe in and with out failure and as a legislative constituant several addition House Bills have been passed all the way up to our past President of the United States of America signing off on a Bill I submitted and our Present President Barak Obama who has signed off on several letters and bills I have submitted so why is it that with regards to this 1st offense misdemeanor that was dropped I am still victim for being so successful at presenting myslef in the right light at the right time in addition to being a very good wife and a primary care giver.  I have received a Proclamation from the City of Houston and the entire city council for raising the awareness regarding brain injury and have been an invited guest up to the Capital an invitation I most certainly accepted.  In addtion, as a small business owner I was honored to accept the position with the National Association for Professional Women for the year 2010-2011 and have remained a full member of the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) while keeping my husband busy in the city with our various memberships to several other non for profit associations so we can keep our shedule busy and remain well rounded.  With that said Thank you to the Dean of the Texas Senate for rejecting the CCA prison purchase for all the right reasons and for looking into what has been happening to me for all the wrong reasons so I can carry on with my life.

Thank you for your time

Kathleen R. Garza

KRGG Consulting Services