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Anonymous Briefly Takes Down GEO Group Website

Last week, Anonymous hacked into the GEO Group’s website.  The latest action was one of several to target the Department of Justice in their opposition to anti-piracy legislation. 

According to the Huffington Post, the domain was replaced with a black screen headlined by the symbol "#antisec," a term for the Anti-Security Movement, which is affiliated the Anonymous online coalition. 

A statement briefly posted by Anonymous to the Geo website read:

"While most folks are suffering under the economy, many billions of dollars are being funneled into this sinister conniving alliance of capitalist and statist forces," stated a message on the hacked site. "What they did not figure into their plans was a determined effort to shut them down."

This was an interesting development in the broadening coalition of interests monitoring and tracking for profit prison companies.  We will keep y’all posted on any other actions.