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Tonight: Two must-see programs on for-profit detention industry

Tonight, monitors of the private prison industry will have their TIVOs set to PBS and CNBC for what look like hard-hitting exposés of the for-profit detention industry.

CNBC will air “Billions Behind Bars: Inside the American Prison Industry” at 8pm CST.  According to the preview, CNBC reporter Scott Cohn

"travels the country to go inside the big and controversial business of prisons. He investigates the business model behind a private prison in Idaho, dubbed a “gladiator school” by inmates and former prison employees who cite its extraordinary level of violence. We also look at allegations of improper corporate prison industry influence over a tough immigration enforcement law in Arizona, and chronicle what happens when a hard hit town in Montana accepts an enticing sales pitch from private prison developers. In Colorado, we profile a little-known workforce behind bars, and discover that products created by prison labor have seeped into our everyday lives -- even some of the food we eat. We also meet a tough-talking judge in the law-and-order state of Texas who’s actually trying to keep felons out of prison and save taxpayer money, through an innovative and apparently successful program."

And, on PBS's Frontline tonight at 8pm CST, Maria Hinojosa "takes a penetrating look at Obama’s vastly expanded immigration net, explores the controversial Secure Communities enforcement program and goes inside the hidden world of immigration detention."  Here's a preview:


Watch Lost in Detention Preview on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.



ICE Slavery, For Profit Detention Industry, Willacy Detention Center, Raymondsville, TX

Willacy boasts, "Life Skills Work and Training" for detainees

 • Commercial Cleaning

 as welll as "Education"

• Dave Ramsey Financial Institute (aka The Lampo Group, Brentwood, TN 37027

 see link

Begs the question what are these mostly poor souls doing with their time while sitting behind the razor wire.