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Shooting at GEO's Big Spring FBOP facility

Details are still murky following the shooting of a prisoner at the GEO Group's Big Spring unit in West Texas.  According to a story on CBS 7 News (Greg Sherman, Geo Group Prison Officials Investigating "Incident" at One of their Big Spring Facilities, November 9),

Officials at the Geo Group are investigating a shooting that took place at one of their Big Spring prison facilities.

Geo Group would not comment on what happened, nor would the Bureau of Prisons in Washington D.C., but Big Spring Fire Deputy Chief David Armstrong say an inmate was accidentally shot in the arm around 1130 Tuesday morning at the Flightline Facility, which is just south of the airport.

The inmate suffered a gunshot wound to the arm, but Armstrong say the injuries were minor and came from a 12 gauge weapon.  What provoked the shooting or better details on what happened are unknown at this time.

Geo Group, formally known as Cornell Corrections, runs several prison facilities in Big Spring, including Flightline, and houses mostly drug and immigration prisoners.

The Big Spring Correctional Facility is a massive 3,500 bed facility housing federal immigrant prisoners.  Two years ago, the facility was rocked by a major disturbance that required local law enforcement to quell.  However, very little information was made available to the public at the time about what caused the disturbance.

Update: According to NewsWest 9 ("Big Spring Inmate Shot in Accidental Shooting," November 10), the shooting injury was accidental, but GEO remaines mum on details.

According to medics, a Hispanic man was accidentally shot by a gun in the upper arm. The wound was not serious, but he was taken to Scenic Mountain Medical Center for a follow up. He was alert and conscious while being transported.

We still don't know how the prisoner was shot. Details are limited at this time, but we've learned the shooting is under investigation.  NewsWest 9 has contacted the Geo Group, which currently runs the prison, and they have not commented on the incident.

Update II: And this from CBS 7 News ("GEO Group Controversy," November 10) is just outrageous,

GEO Group also owns the Reeve's County Detention Center where prisoners rioted in 2009. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons expects details to be released regarding Tuesday's incident but because the prison is privately owned. GEO Group said they can not release information due to company policy.


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